🌪️ DoJ Wants to Make Example of Tornado Cash Developer

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The Department of Justice remains steadfast in its campaign against Tornado Cash’s developers, fighting Roman Storm’s motion to dismiss charges against him. The DoJ claimed that Storm profited to the tune of millions while working on Tornado Cash, as the protocol facilitated more than $1 billion in illicit financial flows.

Omnity has integrated support for Runes, enabling cross-chain functionality for the Ordinals-based fungible token standard on Bitcoin. In related news, Stacks, a Bitcoin Layer 2, is readying for its long-await upgrade.

And Offchain Labs, the team behind Arbitrum, outed two bugs on a testnet exploring new upgrades to Optimism — its primary competitor.

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  • Tornado Cash developer under fire
  • Runes enjoy cross-chain support from Omnity
  • Stacks Bitocin L2 readies for Nakamoto upgrade
  • Offchain Labs flags Optimism vulnerabilities


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⚖️DoJ Opposes Motion to Dismiss Charges Against Tornado Cash Developer


The U.S. Department of Justice is petitioning against Roman Storm, a Tornado Cash developer, who recently filed for the charges laid against him to be dismissed. The DoJ accuses Storm of profiting millions while Tornado Cash facilitated more than $1 billion in illicit financial flows.

🌉Omnity Introduces Cross-Chain Transfer Functionality For Runes

Bitcoin’s booming fungible token protocol, Runes, is set to expand onto new networks following an integration Omnity, an Internet Computer Protocol-based cross-chain interoperability platform. The move follows an explosive cross-chain expansion enjoyed by inscription protocols less than one year ago.



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🍴Bitcoin Layer 2 Stacks Prepares for Nakamoto Upgrade, its Largest Hard-Fork Ever

Stacks, a top Bitcoin Layer 2 by assets locked and transaction volume, is readying for it Nakamoto upgrade. The move will reduce block times to just a few seconds from up to 10 minutes.

🥅Two Vulnerabilities Caught in Optimism Testnet

Offchain Labs, the development team behind the Arbitrum One Layer 2, identified two significant vulnerabilities in a testnet proposing a new dispute mechanism for Optimism — its primary competition for L2 dominance. “The attacks make it easy for an evil party to get a fraudulent claim accepted on chain, or defeat the honest party,” Offchain Labs’ Raul Jordan said.


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