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With Bitcoin’s fourth halving just 19 days away, we took a deep dive into BTC’s pre-halving performances. BTC is already defying past trends following the meteoric rally after the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs, with BTC usually rallying into new highs seven months after previous halving events.

Liquid restaking protocols are posting new all-time highs for TVL, with LRTs now representing $8.5 billion worth of Ether. The milestone marks LRT protocols boasting record dominance over the broader Ethereum restaking sector.

And MakerDAO has reduced its fees by two percentage points after hiking them by 140% roughly four weeks ago.

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  • BTC shuns past pre-halving price performances
  • Liquid restaking TVL jumps to $8.5B
  • MakerDAO reduces fee after major hike


📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$69,744-0.25 %
Ethereum$3,507 -0.26 %
Gold 1st Future$2,217 1.22 %
S&P 5005254.35 0.11 %
Arch Web33.00 1.14 %
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Check out our interview with Alex Masmej, the founder of Drakula, a video content platform on Base leveraging the bubbling DEGEN memecoin as its currency. Also, watch our podcast with Tomer Weller, the VP of product at Stellar, exploring the network’s new Soroban smart contract system.




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🌗 The Bitcoin Halving Is 19 Days Away — How Did BTC Perform In Past Cycles?


BTC is trading sideways following its stunning five-month rally into all-time highs, with investors uncertain as to what Bitcoin’s fourth halving will mean for the markets. BTC is already bucking past pre-halving trends, with the markets rallying into new highs seven months after previous halving events.

🚀 LRTs Surge To Record Dominance Over Restaking Sector

Liquid restaking protocols now hold $8.5 billion worth of ETH, marking record dominance over EigenLayer’s TVL. Renzo Protocol has been the fastest-growing LRT provider in recent weeks, with its TVL surging 190% in the past month.



DeFi Saver is switching from using DSProxies as smart wallets that hold users' positions in supported protocols, to using Safes, which are currently the most popular smart wallet and multi-sig wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem. With this change, users will enjoy the option to manage their positions created through DeFi Saver in most other frontends, such as the protocol default frontends through the Safe app. On top of this, the update reduces gas costs both during initial setup and with any later transactions and users can expect to see more interesting UX improvements rolled out in the future.

READ MORE: DeFi Saver integrates Safe to bring account abstraction to DeFi

⬇️ Maker DAO To Reduce Borrowing Fees And Increase Spark Debt Ceiling

MakerDAO’s latest raft of governance measures reduced the stability fees charged on DAI mints by two percentage points across the board. The move comes after Maker hiked its fees by 140% to between 15% and 17% roughly four weeks ago. The debt ceiling for Spark Protocol also increased by $1 billion to $2.5 billion.


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