DeFi Alpha: Liquid Stacking with stSTX by Stacking DAO

gm Defiers! Here's today's alpha:

  • Market analysis (healthy consolidation)
  • Dispatch from the trenches (NIM airdrop, NodeMonkes and more)
  • Liquid Stacking with stSTX by Stacking DAO
  • LRT Looping Strategy: Instadapp's Fluid Vault for weETH/wstETH

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Market Analysis

Crypto markets are consolidating after recovering most of the previous week’s losses, with Bitcoin trading above $70,000 again as ETH pokes above $3,600.

Last week, I suggested that markets likely bottomed on March 20, and the price action we’ve seen since then has been promising for further upside. Bitcoin just had its highest monthly close ever at $71,400.

ETF inflows have turned positive again — nearly $850 million poured in on the last 3 days of the week.

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