Venus and Planet ReFi Join Forces, Setting a New Standard for Global Sustainability Efforts

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Venus and Planet ReFi Join Forces, Setting a New Standard for Global Sustainability Efforts

Dubai, UAE, November 21st, 2023, Chainwire

Planet ReFi and Venus Protocol have announced a landmark partnership, uniting two formidable forces in the green tech and decentralized finance sectors. This collaboration is a proactive response to the evolving demands of sustainability and financial inclusivity, reflecting a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in these rapidly growing sectors.

By leveraging each other's strengths, Planet ReFi and Venus Protocol are embarking on a journey that promises to reshape how sustainability and finance are perceived and implemented globally. Their combined efforts are expected to unlock new potentials for growth, setting a model for others in the industry to follow, and paving the way for a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

Planet ReFi: Redefining the Green Tech Frontier with a $300 Billion Vision

Planet ReFi, the parent platform of $Planet, is a platform with a cause. It has come to disrupt the US$300 billion green tech industry while catering to its broader vision of solving sustainability challenges facing the Earth.

Its commitment is steadfast towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. These goals ambitiously tackle global challenges: poverty, hunger, health, education, and more.

But the uniqueness of Planet ReFi lies in its method. It leverages blockchain as a tool to help solve these crises, with $Planet serving as the fuel to this innovative ecosystem, which is a game-changing strategy.

Planet rewards individuals who are keen to contribute to the cause of sustainability in whatever way possible. This commitment helps generate a direct revenue stream for the platform, which is shared with its participants.

They gain access to celebrity-backed physical collectibles, mystery boxes, and exclusive NFT series. And by celebrities, Planet means icons like Lionel Messi, the greatest in their field. This is sustainability meeting star power at its finest.

Additionally, holding a $Planet token qualifies one to have a say in its DAO, the core governance structure and to contribute to the sustainability mission, with the potential to be rewarded for participating in it.

Venus Protocol: Fueling the Future of Decentralized Finance

Venus Protocol aligns seamlessly with Planet’s vision, ushering in a new era of community empowerment. As a Universal Money Markets solution, Venus Protocol introduces a revolutionary approach to finance.

Commanding a market of over US$1.1 billion, it stands as a formidable force in the industry. Its platform provides direct access to an immutable money market on-chain, compliant with the BEP-20 standard, and built on the BNB chain for unparalleled speed, security, and efficiency.

When Venus speaks about decentralization, it ensures that it has put a robust decentralizing mechanism in place for it. In fact, it has executed nearly 200 Venus Improvement Proposals, standing testimony for its efficacy, to date.


With the $Planet token's integration into Venus Protocol, the scope of what's achievable expands dramatically, opening up the token to a new realm of possibilities. This includes making it available to an audience that values meaningful decentralization, allowing them to stand up for the most crucial cause ever without having to bow down to the whims and fancies of centralized large-scale corporations.

Overall, the partnership between Planet ReFi and Venus Protocol will infuse fresh energy into the crypto and sustainability landscapes while forging a unique synergy between these two industries, creating exciting possibilities for the future of both sectors.

About Planet ReFi

Planet ReFi is an ecosystem harnessing the power of the blockchain to address pressing social and sustainability challenges, paving the way for a more transparent and sustainable future. Planet ReFi has unveiled its mission towards global good as outlined by 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These goals address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges facing our world to promote sustainable development holistically.

Planet ReFi is using the power of celebrity and fandom to mobilize the world to address global challenges, with the world's biggest celebrities backing sustainability projects dear to them through the platform. Planet ReFi wants to move the sustainability space from short-term funding to viable long-term revenue streams that can power campaigns for a better future.

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