TradeSta Unveils Non-Custodial Web3 Trading Platform

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TradeSta Unveils Non-Custodial Web3 Trading Platform

Ajeltake, Marshall Islands, May 7th, 2024, Chainwire

TradeSta, a newly announced non-custodial Web3 trading platform, is set to redefine digital asset trading. Developed by industry veterans Kieron Cartledge and Hasan Zahr, TradeSta promises a secure, user-driven experience that prioritizes privacy and full control over personal assets. With over 10,000 people already signed up, the platform’s waitlist is now live, and its STA Token private sale in full swing, it is set to launch their public sale this quarter.

Empowering traders with control and security

TradeSta provides a Web3 trading environment where security and user autonomy are paramount. By allowing traders to execute transactions directly from their wallets without intermediaries, TradeSta ensures that users maintain full ownership and control of their digital assets at all times. This method significantly enhances the security and privacy of transactions, making TradeSta an ideal platform for traders who value financial sovereignty.

A seasoned leadership team

Under the leadership of CEO Kieron Cartledge and CTO Hasan Zahr, both of whom are former Baanx and Crypto Life executives, TradeSta is poised for success. Their extensive background in creating crypto solutions, including the CL Card powered by Ledger and the 1inch Card, brings invaluable experience to TradeSta's operations.

Community benefits and revenue sharing with the STA Token

At the core of TradeSta’s ecosystem is the STA token, designed to incentivize community participation and offer holders a share of the net revenue. This approach not only benefits token holders but also aligns with TradeSta’s commitment to fostering a community-centric Web3 trading platform.

How to participate

Kieron Cartledge, CEO of TradeSta, invites traders to join this innovative platform:

"TradeSta is designed for its users and STA token holders, aiming to provide a trading environment that is accessible to everyone, from beginners to advanced traders. Our goal is to offer a straightforward, secure, and user-friendly platform where you can engage in swapping, place limit and stop-loss orders, and execute complex leverage trades, all while maintaining self-custody."

Traders can join the waitlist by visiting TradeSta's official waitlist page.

Additionally, the community is encouraged to join the conversation on TradeSta’s Telegram group to stay updated on the latest developments and participate in the upcoming pre-sale.

About TradeSta

TradeSta offers a non-custodial web3 trading platform where privacy, security, and user control are leading features.

With a user-centric approach, TradeSta is committed to providing traders with a secure and transparent environment to trade cryptocurrencies. The platform is uniquely designed to support real-time trading without the intervention of third parties, ensuring that users have direct control over their transactions.

TradeSta also places a high priority on continuous technological upgrades to enhance user experience and platform performance.

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