RTC DePIN Huddle01 unveils Rewards Program ahead of Token Launch

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RTC DePIN Huddle01 unveils Rewards Program ahead of Token Launch

Middletown, Delaware, April 15th, 2024, Chainwire

The program rewards new and existing users for helping build out the decentralized communication network. Phase 1 launches on April 15th.

Huddle01, a US and India-based firm building the world's first Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) for real-time communication (RTC), particularly audio and video conferencing, unveils a new incentive program to reward those who join its mission to democratize digital connectivity as we know it.

This decentralized, people-powered communication network by Huddle01 will source, deploy, and coordinate bandwidth supply from across the globe to enable seamless digital connectivity between users while saving up to 95% on data transfer and compute costs compared to server giants like AWS.

Named Origins Odyssey, Huddle01’s Reward Program starts its Phase 1 on April 15th and will reward points to the early adopters and creators of its DePIN. While it’s still not confirmed whether these rewarded points will be converted into Huddle01’s native HUDL Token, the Token is anticipated to launch in Q3 2024.

What is Huddle01?

Huddle01 is building a DePIN that aggregates bandwidth resources and utilizes them to power decentralized connectivity between users for industries like Social, Metaverse, Collaboration Tools, Telehealth, Virtual Learning, and more.

Huddle01 aims to facilitate immersive, real-time engagement for everyone without relying on centralized data servers and cloud providers that are crushing current RTC Apps and Infrastructures under huge data transfer & compute costs.

At present Huddle01 has its own communication app and SDK, which boast of more than 3 million meeting minutes to date. Its technology has been enthusiastically embraced by leading companies and developers worldwide, including Lens Protocol, Solana, and CyberConnect. It’s free to use, requires no registration, and does not track user data.

People-powered Communication

Huddle01’s Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network will essentially act as a 2-sided marketplace of bandwidth powered by HUDL Token. Anyone from anywhere will be able to contribute to Huddle01’s DePIN, supply bandwidth power connectivity, and earn rewards, making it truly a people-powered communication network. Applications built and switching to Huddle01’s network will consume this supply of bandwidth to power audio/video conferencing between their users at much cheaper costs.

With the Huddle01 Origins Odyssey Rewards Program, existing contributors will be compensated for their trust, and new users will be drawn into the ecosystem as Huddle01 works towards a world where connectivity is truly limitless.

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About Huddle01

Huddle01 is developing the first DePIN for real-time communications (RTC) to democratize connectivity over cyberspace, backed by Balaji Srinivasa, Hivemind, Consensys, and more. Leveraging its suite of SDKs, Huddle01 makes it possible to build high-quality audio/video applications in minutes. With its technology embraced by leading companies and developers worldwide, including Lens Protocol, Solana, and CyberConnect, Huddle01 facilitates immersive, real-time engagement for more than 30,000 users.


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