QuickNode Launches Support for zkSync Hyperchains

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QuickNode Launches Support for zkSync Hyperchains

Miami, USA, February 15th, 2024, Chainwire

Blockchain infrastructure provider QuickNode has announced it has added support for zkSync hyperchains. As a result, hyperchains will be added to the list of custom chains QuickNode supports, allowing its clients to access fast and scalable ZK technology on demand.

As part of QuickNode’s custom chains solution, hyperchains will allow businesses to build highly scalable solutions without sacrificing speed and security. Leveraging ZK technology, hyperchains provide unrivaled data privacy that makes them ideal for hosting enterprise use cases. This enables businesses to create blockchain-powered products while remaining compliant, with assurances that users’ personal data is protected against malicious attacks.

Hyperchains are zkEVM instances that run in parallel with the zkSync mainnet built on ZK Stack, a modular framework that makes it easy to customize and deploy interoperable ZK-powered blockchains. They can be developed and permissionlessly deployed by anyone, with the L1 serving as a single source of truth. Assets can be easily bridged to hyperchains from zkSync, allowing liquidity to flow freely.

Until now, enterprise adoption of blockchain has been impaired by limitations inherent to the technology, particularly in terms of speed and scalability. Hyperchains allow businesses to capture the upside to building on blockchain without performance constraints. With QuickNode handling the infrastructure, enterprises are free to focus on user experience, creating powerful plug-and-play applications that are rapidly deployed.

Hyperchains built on QuickNode infrastructure are highly configurable and interoperable with cross-chain functionality and shared liquidity options. QuickNode’s modular approach to custom chains means that enterprises building blockchain solutions can leverage QuickNode’s partner network. This provides access to an end-to-end ecosystem of integrated web3 services, tailored and optimized for their specific needs.

Enterprises utilizing hyperchains can create blockchain solutions covering gaming, AI, SportsFi, and much more within a fast and highly secure environment. By utilizing QuickNode, they can bring their application on-chain in a fraction of the time with reliable infrastructure that will support rapid growth.

"Hyperchains are a great gateway for enterprises to onboard in the web3 ecosystem through a technology stack that can be customized to meet their specific needs," said Vassilis Tziokas, Head of Enterprise at Matter Labs. "In order to expand adoption of blockchain and zk technologies in the enterprise space, it is important that companies like QuickNode support the seamless development of hyperchains, making them available to a wider community."

Jason Hunt, VP of Ecosystem at QuickNode added, "We're excited to expand our partnership with Matter Labs, incorporating their zkSync hyperchains into the QuickNode platform. Hyperchains introduce a unique blend of scaling, user experience, and privacy enhancements, critical for powering the next wave of adoption across the rollup ecosystem. Combined with QuickNode's Custom Chain technology, we enable both startups and enterprises to launch and scale blockchains, tailor-made for their specific use cases and requirements."

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QuickNode provides the tools and resources builders need to create incredible products. With globally-balanced infrastructure, guaranteed reliability, a user-friendly interface, and end-to-end customer support, QuickNode allows enterprises to rapidly realize their ideas onchain. Having partnered with the best blockchain infrastructure companies, QuickNode provides access to dozens of add-ons to create super-powered dapps.

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