Logos Partners with Web3Privacy Now to Advance Digital Privacy

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Logos Partners with Web3Privacy Now to Advance Digital Privacy

Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 16th, 2024, Chainwire

Logos has entered a strategic partnership with Web3Privacy Now to advance users’ privacy online through community-building initiatives, education, and technical integrations.

Logos and Web3Privacy Now (W3PN) plan through the partnership to leverage their collective expertise and resources to spearhead initiatives that aim to enhance encryption protocols, fortify data protection mechanisms, and empower users with greater control over their data.

The two parties will collaborate on cross-promotional initiatives, including events, growth hacking, and community building. They will also co-produce research-driven essays, reports, infographics, GitHub repos, and guidelines to educate a broad audience on why privacy-focused solutions are needed and how they can be used.

W3PN’s alliance of partners will focus on cross-integrations to improve their solutions and support user adoption of privacy-focused technologies.

IFT Co-founder Carl Bennetts said on the partnership: “Through pervasive information gathering and surveillance, privacy on the internet is under ever-increasing threat. We'd like to see web3 communities embrace their original cypherpunk roots and focus on upholding privacy and civil liberties. By partnering with W3PN, we hope to make some small progress in this area - by helping to safeguard user data and providing a more secure experience for web3 users.”
W3PN said: “We’re excited to have Logos as one of our founding partners as we build an alliance capable of shifting the course of web3 development in a privacy-centered direction. This partnership will be highly influential in changing the discourse on privacy in web3 and the decisions that founders and builders make when launching products.”

Logos is reconceiving the Web3 trifecta - consensus, communications and storage - with a commitment to inherently ensure users’ privacy at each layer in the stack. The Logos technology stack comprises Waku for peer-to-peer communications, Codex for decentralized storage, and Nomos for the blockchain layer.

W3PN aims to become the number one privacy-centric think tank behind the critical advocacy ecosystem.

W3PN recently held a meetup in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 11th April 2024, featuring talks from Logos and Waku speakers. The original inventor of digital cash, David Chaum, also spoke at the event to discuss the importance of preserving privacy in web3.


David Chaum speaking at the Web3PrivacyNow meetup on 11th April 2024.

About Logos

Logos is creating a self-sovereign, decentralized technology stack that protects civil liberties by design and can be used to build consent-based social, economic, and governing institutions.

About Web3Privacy Now

Web3Privacy Now fosters collaboration among privacy advocates and key players, integrating diverse perspectives, skills, and knowledge to advance privacy within the DWeb stack.

About Waku

Waku is an open-source, privacy-focused group of decentralized messaging protocols that allows accessibility on even resource-restricted devices. It empowers users to reclaim control over their data and communication, counteracting the global reach of technology giants and the centralized messaging applications we rely on.


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