Galxe Rolls Out GAL Staking with $5M Rewards Pool, Unlocking Exclusive Rewards through Galxe Earn

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Galxe Rolls Out GAL Staking with $5M Rewards Pool, Unlocking Exclusive Rewards through Galxe Earn

San Francisco, California, April 23rd, 2024, Chainwire

  • Galxe launches $5M rewards pool, featuring rewards from prominent partners including Arbitrum, Polyhedra, and Merlin.
  • Galxe introduces a revamped governance structure, shifting voting rights exclusively to GAL stakers, promoting a more involved and representative governance process.
  • Galxe Earn introduces a new infrastructure for airdrop campaigns with smarter, precision-targeted distribution that ensures rewarding user engagement and participation.

Galxe, the leading web3 infrastructure and digital credential network, today announced the launch of GAL Staking, a new feature that grants users the ability to unlock exclusive rewards through Galxe Earn, a platform transforming how airdrop campaigns are conducted by offering smarter, precision-targeted airdrops.

Through GAL Staking, users gain access to Galxe Earn, utilizing their staked GAL tokens to participate in unique airdrop campaigns. This integration creates a dynamic synergy between staking and reward mechanisms, offering over 18 million active participants a more engaging and directly beneficial way to interact with the ecosystem. Powered by Galxe Quest, Galxe Earn enables direct engagement between projects and stakeholders such as token holders, NFT collectors, and social media followers. It allows projects to offer exclusive rewards, including whitelist spots and gated access to airdrops, thus enhancing engagement and extending the ecosystem's reach.

"GAL Staking is a long-awaited addition to the Galxe ecosystem, designed to enhance how our community interacts with and benefits from our platform," said Harry Zhang, co-founder of Galxe. “By staking GAL, users unlock access to the rewards pool through Galxe Earn and may potentially gain crucial voting rights in our governance system. This empowers them to directly influence strategic decisions and actively shape the evolution of Galxe. Our commitment to integrating substantial user incentives with profound governance roles exemplifies our dedication to fostering a truly decentralized and user-driven ecosystem.”

Exclusive Rewards and Strategic Partnerships

The genesis rewards pool of Galxe Earn includes major collaborations with Arbitrum, Polyhedra, and Merlin, distributing rewards close to $5 million in total. This initiative enhances user engagement by providing access to whitelist spots and gated airdrops, further supported by Galxe Quest, the leading platform for building web3 communities.

Seamless Staking Experience

The GAL Staking interface on Galxe’s website offers a user-friendly dashboard that presents essential information such as the total GAL staked, individual wallet addresses, and detailed staking activities. This interface allows users to easily engage with the platform by staking or unstaking GAL tokens, ensuring a flexible and informed staking experience. The dashboard is designed for simplicity, enabling users to monitor and manage their staking history and current status effectively.

This intuitive staking experience enhances user engagement by simplifying the staking process and ensures that participants can make informed decisions based on comprehensive, real-time data, reinforcing Galxe’s commitment to transparency and user empowerment in the evolving web3 space. For detailed instructions on how to participate, visit our Step-by-Step: GAL Staking guide.

Decentralized Community Engagement & Governance Upgrade

In conjunction with GAL Staking, Galxe is proposing a significant enhancement to its governance model. This proposal, if approved, would transition voting rights exclusively to GAL stakers, further democratizing the platform’s decision-making process. This change aims to deepen community engagement by ensuring that those who are actively participating and staking GAL have a more substantial influence over the strategic direction of the platform.

The proposal for this governance upgrade is now live, and Galxe encourages all stakeholders to participate in the discussion and vote. Interested parties can find more information and join the governance discussions at the Galxe Governance Forum. This initiative highlights Galxe’s commitment to fostering a participatory environment where community input drives growth and innovation.

About Galxe

Galxe is the leading web3 infrastructure and digital credential network, empowering seamless web3 experiences through modular AI, digital identity, and blockchain technologies. Central to the ecosystem, the Galxe Identity Protocol provides a foundational layer for secure and self-sovereign digital identity management. Alongside the protocol, Galxe’s product suite–Galxe Quest, Galxe Passport, Galxe Score, and Galxe Compass–supports the development of the next generation of web3 applications. With a vibrant community of over 18 million active users and partnerships with 4,900 brands, Galxe has proven itself as a pioneer and leader in digital identity solutions, fostering community growth, and enhancing user engagement. Dedicated to making web3 accessible to all, Galxe serves end-users and developers worldwide.

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