DPAT Is Expanding Throughout Africa And Opening New Markets

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DPAT Is Expanding Throughout Africa And Opening New Markets

DPAT is the coolest cryptocurrency you’ve never heard of! As it expands throughout Africa, it’s shaking up the traditional investment world and creating a buzz among investors looking for something new and exciting. The African continent is exploding with growth right now and with this growth comes a massive opportunity for investors to profit.

Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) provides an easy way to invest in African infrastructure projects, allowing anyone to get involved in the inevitable success of Africa. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio and tap into one of the world’s most promising regions, read on for an introduction.

What is DPA Token (DPAT)?

DPA Token is a protocol that facilitates investments in African real estate and infrastructure projects across major cities like Accra in Ghana and Cape Town in South Africa. The protocol can assign ownership and governance to users globally, enabling the community to have a say in what gets built, by who, for who, and where.

The protocol offers a secure platform for transactions between international investors wishing to put money into the 54 economies in Africa that are expanding and project developers in need of alternative finance. All transactions are guaranteed to be transparent, safe, and immutable thanks to blockchain technology.

Native token holders can expect major rewards and incentives including bonuses, discounts on transaction fees, governance membership, VIP African safari and city breaks.

How Does DPAT Work?

The DPAT marketplace will list real estate and infrastructure projects from across the continent requiring alternative funding and capital. Using distributed ledger technology and asset backed tokens, anyone from anywhere around the globe can invest in these African projects safely and transparently from as little as $5.

Infrastructure, residential, and commercial construction projects will all be up for investment on the platform, with examples ranging from developing new communities with safe and secure family homes to projects creating solar-powered microgrids for electricity to developing cutting-edge Internet service infrastructure and everything in between.

The marketplace will give developers and infrastructure builders clear and cost-effective alternative financing options to pursue innovative projects that solve critical issues. The team will also focus on using sustainable building practices and apply standardized construction procedures to establish crypto hubs in each African city they build in. By utilizing a standardized process, the team will increase the local economies of the places they work and reduce the amount of time required to complete each project.

The DPAT brand and token price will be strengthened through collaboration with major global partners, critical infrastructure builders and local developers like Jacob West, the partner on the recently launched first fully cryptocurrency funded development project The Khari in Accra, Ghana. The DPAT smart contract audit was successfully completed by SolidProof, and the group also finished their KYC process with Coinsult.


The infrastructure—roads, railroads, ports, airports, energy grids, and IT backbone—necessary to strengthen the economies of the continent is lacking in the majority of Africa. The lack of adequate infrastructure restricts the growth of regional trade, imports, and exports. Businesses that can link Africans with markets will profit.

One of the advantages of doing business in Africa is high returns and according to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), investing in Africa offers the highest return on foreign direct investment worldwide.

As the platform continues to expand and integrate more services, it is set to become an essential tool for any investor looking to take advantage of African investment opportunities.

Anybody hoping to capitalize on Africa’s undeniable economic potential might be wise to take a closer look at DPA Token.For more information visit: The Website