Caitlyn Jenner Promotes Crypto Token, Denies Account Hack

JENNER generated $28.3 million in volume within 1.5 hours of launch.

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Caitlyn Jenner Promotes Crypto Token, Denies Account Hack

Caitlyn Jenner, a former athlete and media personality, has found herself at the center of a heated controversy after her X (formerly Twitter) account promoted a cryptocurrency via the token launchpad

On Sunday afternoon, Jenner’s X account posted a link to a Solana-based token called JENNER featuring the caption “make America great again and we love crypto,” alongside a photo of her with former U.S. President Donald Trump.

This left the crypto community bewildered and questioning the legitimacy of the post.

Despite the doubts, the token quickly gained traction, generating $28.3 million worth of volume in 90 minutes to reach a market cap of $8.5 million.

Addressing the skepticism, Jenner's account denied any hacking in subsequent tweets. “Nothing has been hacked,” she said. A follow-up video reiterated that the token was “for real.”

On the same day, Trump expressed his strong support for cryptocurrency on Truth Social, stating he is “very positive and open-minded to cryptocurrency companies and all things related to this new and burgeoning industry.”

Ongoing doubts

Many X users suggested Jenner's social media had been compromised, speculating that the video might have been created using AI technology.

“This is NOT Caitlyn Jenner, and this is AI,” tweeted X user, @Captl_G. “Look at the eyebrow movement. You are being baited into the most iconic rugpulls to hit SOL.”

Another user, @cyborgnfts, echoed the concern, tweeting, “AI is getting scary.”

The token’s launch followed the X account of the prominent crypto influencer, Gigantic Rebirth (GCR), getting hacked on May 26. GCR’s account was commandeered to promote the ORDI and LUNA2 tokens, only to achieve a measly 10% wick on ORDI.


However, crypto influencer CryptoRoxo suggested that the JENNER token likely did come from Jenner’s circle, but speculated the token was concocted by a shady "middleman."

“She was never hacked,” CryptoRoxo claimed. “Her team was socially engineered by a guy named Sahil. He acted as the 'middleman' to launch the token for Caitlyn since the team was unfamiliar with crypto.”

The crypto influencer Roxo alleged that after facilitating the token launch and securing Jenner's promotion, Sahil immediately sold off all tokens Jenner’s entire stash of tokens, which Sahil held on her behalf.

“Caitlyn's manager seems clueless. She mentioned on Spaces that Sahil is holding all the tokens for them,” he added. “ In reality, if you look on-chain, you can see he dumped all of it. The team was tricked and doesn't seem to know they've been swindled. Caitlyn's team still has the scam tweet up asking people to send tokens."

Roxo also claimed Sahil was behind five "influencer rugs" over the past week, including tokens associated with rappers Soulja Boy and Rich The Kid, and models Ivana Doll and NormieKazumi.

Meanwhile, on the prediction platform Polymarket, punters are betting with 94% certainty that Jenner’s X account was not compromised.

Jenner’s Instagram account continues to share the link to the token, aligning with the tweets on her X account.

Jenner did not immediately respond to The Defiant’s request to comment.