Solana Unveils App Store For Saga Phone

Marketplace Will Be Free and Use Solana Pay For Transactions

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Solana Unveils App Store For Saga Phone

Solana Mobile has released details of its native App store, which will be available exclusively on Solana’s Saga phone when it launches.

In contrast to Apple’s App store and Google’s Play Store, which levy a 30% fee on all transactions, the Solana store will be free to use, and leverages Arweave, a decentralized file storage protocol, making it resistant to censorship.

In an interview with The Defiant, it was revealed that the phone will use a modified version of Google’s Android operating system, coming equipped with Google’s entire mobile suite.

Users will have the ability to conduct frictionless peer-to-peer transactions using Solana Pay.

Saga’s seed vault runs in parallel with the Android operating system and provides an additional layer of security. The phone comes with a $1,000 price tag and will be launched in 33 countries.

Poor Sales

According to a Dune Analytics dashboard, the Saga phone received only 60 preorders in the past 30 days.


Cumulative Saga Sales

The lifetime sales of the phone stand at 6,700.

SOL Rallies

Solana’s native token has outperformed the broader market this year.

SOL is up 134% in 2023, while Ethereum has gained 30% during the same period.