Rethinking EigenLayer, ERC-404, New Crypto AI Project, Wormhole Token, Pyth Airdrop

Keep up with crypto with The Defiant founder Camila Russo blending essential news and key updates with her own personal insights on this episode.

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This is Crypto With Cami, a show where we go through all the major news in DeFi and Web3 in 30 minutes or less.

This week's headlines:

0:00 Hot Take

0:35 Agenda

1:21 EigenLayer Removing Caps

3:13 What is Restaking?

7:54 How EigenLayer Works

12:52 EigenLayer Risks

14:42 SEC vs DeFi

17:15 Mountain Protocol

18:40 Ondo Finance on Sui

19:00 ERC-404

20:15 Morpheus AI

21:25 Wormhole Token

21:50 Pyth Airdrop

22:21 Dymension Launch

23:06 Frax L2

23:24 Farcaster Memecoins

24:00 Solana Outage

25:14 Metamask Robinhood Integration

25:29 ENS x GoDaddy

26:00 Dencun Upgrade