The Defiant


GM and WAGMI. Unless your name is Michael Saylor.

By: Robin Schmidt Loading...

GM and WAGMI. Unless your name is Michael Saylor. And that’s because the most giga chaddish chad to ever chad the chad has been accused of Tax Fraud by the District of Columbia. According to allegations, Saylor has illegally avoided over 25 million bucks of taxes by “fraudulently” misrepresenting himself as a resident of Florida — a jurisdiction without any personal income tax. Spearheading the case is DC’s Attorney General Karl Racine, and he’s also going after MicroStrategy for “conspiring to help Saylor evade taxes”. Poor Michael. As if his year hasn’t been shit enough already: Not only did he tell everyone to remortgage their homes and buy the cycle top, blast a billion dollar hole in the company books, he then “stepped down” from his role as CEO only to star in a real-life version of Billions: just check out this leaked footage of Saylor the moment he read Karl’s Tweet.

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