Everything You Need to Know About Consensus 2024

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One of the largest crypto conferences of the year is coming up and tickets are available now

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Everything You Need to Know About Consensus 2024

Conferences are one of the best ways to network and market yourself or your product in Web3. They also serve as a way to educate attendees, and are often a great opportunity for teams to provide alpha to their users, or reveal large announcements.

Consensus is an annual conference presented by CoinDesk, and one of the largest crypto events held every year. Consensus 2024 is coming up soon and will be held in Austin, Texas, from May 29th - May 31st featuring an array of notable speakers and events over the course of the week.

CoinDesk has been hosting Consensus for nearly a decade now, with its inaugural conference occurring in 2015. The size of Consensus has scaled tremendously since, and has now cemented itself as an annual stop for many of the top developers, companies, and personalities in crypto.


What to Expect at Consensus 2024?

All sub-niches of crypto will have their own events at Consensus, whether it’s specifically Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs, or just general emerging technology.

Throughout the week attendees will also have the opportunity to dive more into some of the hottest narratives in crypto today, such as the intersection of AI and blockchain, DePIN, consumer dApps, airdrop farming and more.

While there will be talks and events held almost constantly throughout the conference, some of 2024’s featured speakers include: Mike Novogratz, the founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, Casey Rodarmor, the developer behind Ordinals and Runes, Anatoly Yakovenko, the Solana Co-founder, and Chris Dixon from A16z Crypto.

2024 will also feature the first live Hackathon held during a Consensus Conference. All participants in the Hackathon will receive a complimentary pass for the entire conference, sponsored bounties, networking opportunities with globally based VCs, and a chance to present on-stage at Consensus.

Each day of the conference will also have its own featured Summit. On the 29th, the Open Money Summit will discuss the merging of crypto and TradFi. On the 30th the State of Crypto Policy will cover the controversial regulatory landscape surrounding crypto assets. Lastly on the 30th there will be the FutureFi summit, where some of the top builders in Web3 share their thoughts and some alpha on the latest innovations that they think may lead the bull run.


While these are a few of the highlighted events at this year's conference, there are loads of other activities on the agenda that can be found here.

Registering for Consensus 2024

Now hosting its 10th annual conference, CoinDesk presents one of the largest and longest-running crypto events for Web3 enthusiasts of all levels. At conferences such as Consensus most people come to learn, network, show off their skills, and enjoy the company of like-minded peers.

Registering to attend Consensus is simple and straightforward. Passes are on sale right now, and there are 3 different tiers accessible. Additionally, you can save 15% on your registration by using code: DEFIANT at checkout!