Earn Money With The UNCX Network Liquidity Locker Referral Program


Help make DeFi a safer space for investors and earn commission while doing it.

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Earn Money With The UNCX Network Liquidity Locker Referral Program

About UNCX Network

UNCX Network is a leading DeFi multi-chain service provider and the creator of liquidity locking. They offer a suite of decentralized products on most EVM chains including an ILO launchpad, liquidity locking & token vesting, token minting, and staking & farming as a service. They started in 2020 and bootstrapped their way to success. They now have a TVL over $200m and are known for having highly secure and reputable technology.

The team at UNCX Network is passionate about DeFi and aim to improve the safety and true decentralization of the space with their products. To increase the accessibility of their products’ data and transparency, they’ve established multiple API collaborations with platforms such as DexTools, Bogged Finance, GeckoTerminal, DexCheck, Coinstats, Zerion, DeBank, & more. They are currently in the process of deploying 16 subgraphs powered by The Graph to improve the accuracy and discoverability of their data.

According to UNCX Network, Every Project Should be Locking Liquidity.

Liquidity locking helps tokenized projects establish a good reputation and increase their trustworthiness to potential investors. It also aims to make DeFi a safer place to invest by protecting investors from exit scams or the chance of the project owner getting hacked. Since its creation, UNCX Network has worked hard to establish this practice as the status quo where investors now expect new tokens to have locked their liquidity before they are deemed a potentially safe investment.

UNCX Network argues that large projects should also be locking liquidity to set a good example for the space and enforce this effectiveness of the technology.

Liquidity locking involves storing liquidity provider (LP) tokens in smart contracts for a predetermined amount of time (locking/unlocking date), preventing their ability to rug pull upon launch or the risk of getting hacked and having the LP tokens stolen. (It prevents the ability from anyone being able to withdraw all project liquidity and disappear with it). It’s an approach that ensures developers don’t have control of users’ funds. Click here for a more detailed explanation of the technology. UNCX Network has also recently deployed liquidity. Please click here for more information on the additional important factors of why it is important to lock UniSwap and PancakeSwap v3 liquidity.



The usage of liquidity lockers has exploded over the past year as investors increasingly take measures of precaution when navigating DeFi investments. As can be seen, there is still a large territory of locks that are yet to be claimed for referral fees.

Refer Liquidity Locks and Get Paid! The UNCX Referral Program

With the UNCX Network Locker Referral Program, you get paid for getting projects to lock their liquidity. The process is designed to benefit both the projects and the referrers. What’s in it for them? A 10% discount on the flat fee - and for you? Rewards for each lock you have referred with no limitations.

How To Earn?

  • Approach a project that has unlocked LP.
  • Explain what's in it for them (10% discount on the flat fee and an increase in trust and good reputation from their community).
  • Share the process on how to lock, feel free to use their guide!
  • Share your wallet address which contains at least 1 UNCX and needs to be entered in the appropriate field before locking.
  • As soon as the LP is locked, the payout will occur.

How To Find Unlocked Liquidity Pools?

Using the UNCX app:

Using DexTools:



Where Can You Track Locked LP?

You can use our app linked above, or take a look at our telegram bot using the search bar:

Additional resources and information on rewards, eligibility, and more, can be found here: