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Blur Blows Away OpenSea With 82% Share of Trades

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NFT Marketplaces

Blur Blows Away OpenSea and Wins 82% of NFT Trading Volume

OpenSea Slashes Fees to Zero in Vain Attempt to Counter Marketplace Upstart

By Owen Fernau 


It’s a time-honored tenet of business — slash prices and the customers will come. Tell that to OpenSea. One week after the NFT marketplace scrapped the fee it collects on trades, Blur, its upstart rival, hasn’t missed a beat. 

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Ethereum Scaling

Transactions on Arbitrum Leapfrog Ethereum

Lower Fees Propel Layer 2 Blockchain Past Ethereum For First Time

By Aleksandar Gilbert  


The vision is coming to fruition. Carried by surging activity in its ecosystem, daily transactions on Arbitrum have surpassed those on Ethereum this week, marking a major milestone in the effort to scale the world’s second-largest blockchain.

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ZKX is building the first perpetual futures exchange on Starknet with self-custody and true community governance. The exchange plans to raise the DEX game by leveraging account abstraction and low transaction cost to provide a new generation DEX that is as scalable as a CEX. 

Excitingly, they just dropped their new gamified Community Incentives Program called ZKX Yakuza. Think of it like a universe with 8 characters, and storyline linked to specific initiatives. You can navigate this universe as a Contributor, Ambassador, or Testnet trader and earn exclusive NFTs and future ZKX tokens. 

For Season 1, they are looking for a group of fearless Contributors and Ambassadors who can help them grow the DAO and shape the direction of the protocol with them. It is a world where hierarchy matters and every member strives to climb up the ladder to earn their rightful place. To immerse yourself in the world of Yakuza, and earn some sweet rewards while doing it, check out their recent blog to participate, follow them on Twitter, join the ZKX Discord, and visit

Crypto Regulation

NFTs Are Securities? All Eyes Turn to Top Shot Case

Judge Says It’s ‘Plausible’ NBA Top Shot Moments NFTs May Have to Be Registered With Regulators

By Samuel Haig


Now it might be NFTs. Even as U.S. regulators’ define virtually all digital assets as securities or investment contracts, a civil case may further establish that NFTs also meet the definition.

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Crypto Identity

Worldcoin Edges Closer to AI-Driven Crypto Identity Device

Founder Alex Bania Says Orb to Be Released in First Half of 2023

By Owen Fernau


Worldcoin, an online community of devs and technologists, quickly garnered headlines in 2021 for its eye-scanning piece of hardware known as the Orb. After running silent for a year and a half during a testing phase, the project is, ahem, eyeing a full-blown launch in the first half of 2023.

And that raises a question: What is it? And do we need it?

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Uniswap Builds Out NFT Offering With ERC-20 Payments

No. 1 DEX Makes a Move as NFT Market Heats Up

By Tarang Khaitan


Uniswap, the No. 1 decentralized exchange, started letting investors buy NFTs with ERC-20 tokens, the protocol said Wednesday.

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Tokenization Is the Force Multiplier DeFi Needs

Decentralization is a ‘Protective Feature’ for Financial Infrastructure

By Philipp Pieper  


We all know web3 is the tokenization of everything. If we’re going to decentralize data ownership, then this makes a lot of sense. And this year, tokenization hasn’t become just a buzzword but a very real strategy employed by a number of DeFi players. 

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synthetix logo

The future of on-chain perps is here with Synthetix Perps, now live on Optimism! 

Synthetix Perps revolutionizes the on-chain trading experience by significantly reducing fees, improving scalability and capital efficiency for traders.

Introducing an off-chain oracle system, Synthetix Perps significantly reduces perps trading fees to as low as 5-10bps, while maintaining optimal performance and execution efficiency. 

Synthetix Perps are fully decentralized, so users have complete control of their collateral and can trade on the front end of their choice. Trading is accessible via Kwenta or Decentrex, the decentralized front ends that use Synthetix liquidity and power Perps trading. Polynomial is the next integration, going live next month.

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