😠 Three Arrows’ Su Zhu Breaks Silence Accusing Liquidators of Playing Dirty

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today: News Three Arrows’ Su Zhu Breaks Silence Accusing Liquidators of Playing Dirty WZRDS Project Punishes Flippers By Burning Listed NFTS Gnosis Safe Raises $100M And Rebrands As Safe Markets Soaring Infla...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today:




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Crypto Funds

😠 Three Arrows’ Su Zhu Breaks Silence Accusing Liquidators of Playing Dirty

By Aleksandar Gilbert


BAD FAITH Su Zhu, the co-founder of Three Arrows Capital, has accused the hedge fund’s liquidators of operating in bad faith, breaking a month-long silence during which his firm suffered a stunning fall from grace.

SCREENSHOTS “Sadly, our good faith to cooperate with the Liquidators was met with baiting,” Zhu wrote. The tweet included screenshots of a pair of emails his attorney had sent liquidator Russell Crumpler of Teneo.

RUMORS The last time Zhu tweeted or otherwise posted any public comments was on June 14, as rumors swirled that his $10B fund was insolvent. At the time, Su tweeted cryptically, “We are in the process of communicating with relevant parties and fully committed to working this out.” Who those parties were and what “this” was were left unsaid. But it didn’t take much time for people to figure it out.


Market Action

😬 Soaring Inflation Wallops Crypto and Stocks as Investors Gird for Rate Hikes

By yyctrader


NEWS Consumer prices in the United States rose a scorching 9.1% in June, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at 830am ET.

RATES Coming in above the estimate of 8.8%, the elevated numbers make it all but certain that the Federal Reserve will continue to hike interest rates in its bid to tackle inflation. Indeed, the CME’s FedWatch tool indicates an 85% probability of another 0.75% increase at the Fed’s July meeting.

EXPOSURE Ether is down 9% in the last seven days and Bitcoin has dropped 4.5%, according to CoinGecko. The cryptocurrencies have been closely tracking stocks for the last few quarters. As investors have reduced their exposure to macroeconomic risk, they have sold off crypto along with equities.


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The famous DeFi app first started off as CDP Saver in early 2019 as a tool to help users protect their Maker CDPs (now Vaults) from liquidation and the dreaded 13% liquidation penalty. As DeFi started growing, they pivoted to DeFi Saver and over the past 3 years integrated protocols such as Aave, Liquity, Compound, Reflexer, Yearn, mStable and as of latest Convex.

As a complementary protocol to Curve, Convex brings users enhanced yield on their liquidity, and is the latest addition to DeFi Saver’s Smart Savings dashboard. With simple 1-transaction asset supply to the most famous yield farming protocols, it offers an easy access to some of the most popular DeFi protocol liquidity pools. The option to move your funds between pools and integrated protocols in a single transaction makes the dashboard especially convenient.

With an ever more expanding set of features, DeFi Saver is slowly becoming a truly robust solution for DeFi asset management with a safe and low-risk approach.

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NFT Collections

🧙🏻‍♂️ WZRDS Project Punishes Flippers By Burning Listed NFTS

By Jason Levin


SACRIFICES Ritual sacrifices are being carried out on the blockchain. An NFT collection called WZRDS has implemented a novel burn mechanism that allows NFT holders to vote to burn WZRDS NFTs listed below a certain price.

WALLETS All NFT holders have to do to keep their NFTs safe is to stake them or just hold them in their wallets. The floor price of the collection has risen from 0.1 ETH on July 8 to 3.2 ETH on July 12.

STAKED Launched on June 29, WZRDS is a collection themed around the fictional world of the Kingdom of Tyrol. There were originally 10,000 NFTs, but over 50% are staked and are “exploring the forest.” At least 1,000 owners of burnt WZRD NFTs have received new Half-Skull of Wizard NFTs, which are trading for 0.17 ETH.


WZRD #8025


Crypto Fundraising

💰Gnosis Safe Raises $100M And Rebrands As Safe

By Aleksandar Gilbert


REBRAND Multi-signature wallet protocol Gnosis Safe has raised $100M in a funding round led by venture capital firm 1kx and will rebrand as “Safe”.

HOLDERS Gnosis Safe users – a group that includes Bitfinex, BitDAO and Vitalik Buterin – manage more than $38B in assets, according to data from Dune analytics (that figure was just over $100B in February). Earlier this year, holders of Gnosis’ governance token GNO voted to spin off Gnosis Safe.

PROPOSAL “In order to get Gnosis Safe to the next level, an ecosystem should be established around this new account standard,” co-founder Lukas Schor argued in the proposal to separate the protocol from Gnosis. “The spin-off will also enable the Gnosis Safe project to have an even stronger focus on its mission: increase adoption of smart-contract-based accounts.”



👨🏻‍🏫 What Are Layer 1 and Layer 2 Blockchain Networks?

By Rahul Nambiampurath


SMART CONTRACTS As the smart contract wars heat up, Layer 1 vs. Layer 2 blockchains are differentiating. From Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake blockchains, each has its own way to scale to accommodate transaction volume.

SCALING All computer networks rely on bandwidth to relay data, including blockchain networks. However, the latter are more susceptible to a bandwidth scaling problem than highly centralized networks:

What Is the Blockchain Scalability Problem?

  • Blockchain networks are decentralized, composed of nodes (computers in a network holding the entire ledger). This means that each node has to exert considerable computing, bandwidth, and storage resources to provide and maintain access to the ledger.
  • The more decentralized a blockchain is, the more nodes it will have. While this redundancy is great for the network’s security, it is not good for its speed. That’s because more nodes are contributing to transaction verification.

BALANCE This balancing act between security, decentralization, and scalability is known as the Blockchain Trilemma. Simply put, if a blockchain network is highly centralized, it is less secure and more scalable. The low node count would make transactions faster because the computing power would be less distributed.


The Tube

📺 The Euro finally reclaims its dollar peg. Huzzah!


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It is hosted by Sonal Chokshi, former showrunner and longtime host of the a16z Podcast; along with frequent guest appearances and hosting by Chris Dixon.


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