🔮 Solana Attracts Oracles From Chainlink to Band as DeFi Ecosystem Gains Momentum

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today, News Solana Attracts Oracles as Momentum Builds for Next Phase of DeFi Christie’s to Accept Live Bids in ETH for Art Blocks NFTs Video First Look: How to prioritize Ethereum transactions with Eden Netw...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today,




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🔮 Solana Attracts Oracles as Momentum Builds for Next Phase of the Chain‘s DeFi

NEWS Oracles are essential to decentralized finance (DeFi), so the fact that leading oracle projects are expanding their territory to a new blockchain, Solana, could be taken as a good sign for DeFi growing soon within that ecosystem.

LOGIC “[Blockchains] don’t have the ability to speak to the outside world, so they aren’t able to incorporate that into their logic and their contracts,” Kanav Kariya, a strategy director at Jump Trading, an algorithmic and high frequency trading firm, told The Defiant.

DATA So, they need oracles. Oracles collect data outside the blockchain, and feed that information back onto it in a way that the data can be used.

ESSENTIAL A number of oracles are either live on Solana now or on its devnet testing ground. For instance, Band Protocol is live on Solana’s devnet and is just waiting for a partner to launch to mainnet with. And Flux Network, which is currently deployed on Near, is exploring moving to Solana soon, according to Niteesh Settypalli, from the team. Chainlink, the company currently considered the leading oracle provider in crypto, announced on Aug. 25 that it had moved its price feeds from devnet and onto Solana’s main network.


NFT Auctions

🖼 Christie’s to Accept Live Bids in ETH for Art Blocks NFTs

PANIC Wall Street and Washington may be in a panic about the advent of a crypto world. But not the venerable institutions in fine art — they love DeFi.

NEWS Case in point: Christie’s, the 254-year-old auction house, announced this week that it will handle the sale of Art Blocks NFTs on Oct. 1 in New York. The currency being used for the live bids? Ether (ETH), a first for a leading auction house.


A curated NFT set.

SO WHAT Even as the financial industry and its regulators struggle to get a handle on the impact of DeFi, Christie’s and its archrival Sotheby’s have segued seamlessly into the brave new world of digital art and collectibles. In May and June, Sotheby’s auctioned a curated collection featuring an ultra-rare Alien Crypto-Punk. The house has also accepted ETH and BTC as payment for works.

BEEPLE Christie’s, of course, made headlines this March by auctioning off Beeple’s Everyday’s: The First 5,000 Days for a staggering $69M, and followed a couple months later with a set of nine CryptoPunks. But the auction house priced the lots in USD, not ETH. (Beeple was paid in ETH).


📆 Sanctor Turbo Announces Demo Day, Revealing the First Cohort of Blockchain Projects to Graduate from Its Mentorship Program

Sanctor Capitala blockchain-focused investment firm will be hosting its first Demo Day to showcase the inaugural cohort of projects graduating from its custom-tailored mentorship program, Sanctor Turbo. At the live streamed event taking place on September 14th between 2:00pm - 5:00pm Eastern, the founding teams from Koii, Synchrony, and ThorSwap will present their market-ready dApps and platforms, which span the domains of decentralized content ownership, cross-chain DeFi and on-chain asset management. Sign up to attend here.


📺 First Look: How to prioritize Ethereum transactions with Eden Network


🔗 OpenSea bug destroys $100,000 worth of NFTs, including historical ENS name: The Block

A bug in the NFT marketplace OpenSea has accidentally destroyed at least 42 NFTs, worth a minimum of $100,000.

🔗 Large Investors Are Behind Binance Smart Chain’s Rapid Growth: Nansen: CoinDesk

High-value traders, not retail investors, are behind Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) rapid growth, according to a report published Wednesday by the blockchain data firm Nansen.

🔗 The Ultimate DAO Report: Bankless

Explore the new frontier of DAOs in this joint report from Gitcoin and Bankless.

Sushi Samurai 🔱 @KartelCryptoHighest Volume Day for @SushiSwap this quarter!! 📊 🍣 💰 $SUSHI $ETH $MATIC $ONE $FTM $xDAI


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