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Hello Defiers! Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend if it’s a holiday where you are. Today we have a special issue of the newsletter. Each of you receiving this is trusting us in part with your journey into web3 and we feel honored and grateful. We hope...

Hello Defiers! Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend if it’s a holiday where you are.

Today we have a special issue of the newsletter. Each of you receiving this is trusting us in part with your journey into web3 and we feel honored and grateful. We hope to communicate what we stand for with our actions as we produce unbiased, fact-based content every day, and hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards.

But we think it’s important to also put our mission into words. Today we’re publishing our Manifesto. This is the mark we hope to make in this brave, new decentralized world. We’re the information platform for the future of finance.

Love and strength,

The Defiant Team



The Defiant is the definitive information platform for the open economy.

We are the paper of record, reporting on all the most important developments, downfalls and milestones of the new financial system.

The Defiant creates the foundational educational material for newcomers, and delivers the actionable reports leveraged by professionals. We craft tutorials for those experimenting with these applications for the first time. We tell the stories of the humans behind the protocols. We provide the tools and data needed to analyze the space first hand.

A better financial system, that’s open, global and permissionless, deserves quality journalism; accurate, objective, unbiased, reliable, and comprehensive reporting of relevant and timely information. As the first dedicated news source for decentralized finance, we have taken on this responsibility.


Our mission is to illuminate the path of those venturing into the frontier of finance so that they can take each step into these uncharted roads with confidence.

Information is power.

But until now, it’s been leveraged by the few who controlled the legacy financial system ––the large institutions, the accredited investors, the walled entities and intermediaries.

In this new system, finance is being decentralized so that individuals can access money protocols directly and be their own bank. But with it come great risks, increasing the need for well-researched, unbiased information.

The Defiant’s role is to deliver the necessary facts and data to all these empowered participants of finance, so that they are as well equipped as possible to navigate and benefit from this new system.

Because we have deep respect for our readers, Defiers charging into the very cutting edge of money and tech, we don’t preach. We don’t shill.

We inform.

Our goal is to give our readers the power of information, especially at a time when web3 is just beginning to establish itself and knowledge is asymmetric.

It is a crucial role at a turning point in history and to fulfill it, we will always hold ourselves to the highest journalistic and production standards.

The only factor determining our coverage is whether it will benefit our readers, protect their time, and help them make the best decisions with their assets ––is the item timely, relevant, important? Is it making an actual impact? In short, is it newsworthy? We will never, ever, create editorial content in exchange for payment, favors, or external pressure.

We are only beholden to our community of Defiers.


We believe blockchains and cryptocurrency will become the value layer of the internet, allowing users to be in control of their assets and data. There will be a change in paradigm where all applications and sectors will become increasingly decentralized and open. This shift has already started with finance.

We are not neutral regarding the future of money; we believe that decentralized finance will continue to grow and take market share from legacy finance.

But we are neutral as to the platforms and applications that will succeed in web3. We aim to cover the space objectively and we don’t favor any one chain or token. We do our best to provide all the necessary facts and important developments so our readers can make informed decisions and decide for themselves who the winners are and what works best for them, according to their own world views and use cases.

We believe organizations will become increasingly transparent as treasuries move on-chain. Application users will also become owners, have a say in management decisions and participate in operations directly.

Media will be a part of this change and The Defiant will lead as one of the first web3-native information companies.

Producing the highest quality content and data will always be our first priority. We view web3 tools as that ––tools that allow us to deliver the best content, data and experience for our users.

We believe that web3 and DeFi will shape the future and our mission is to give those defying the old order, the power of information to take charge in the new one.

We encourage you to join us on this mission. Whether you’re a user, creator, advocate or skeptic, your experience is what shapes the next chapter.

Join our community of defying individuals. Raise your fist! ✊

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