🌪 Optimism Airdrop Turns ‘Turbulent’ After Demand Overload

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today: News Optimism Airdrop Turns ‘Turbulent’ After Demand Overload Liquid Staking Derivatives Pose ‘Significant Risks’ to Ethereum 2.0: Report DeFi’s TVL Fell 40% in May But Bright Spots Emerge El Salvador S...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today:


Optimism Airdrop


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🌪 Optimism Airdrop Turns ‘Turbulent’ After Demand Overload

By Samuel Haig


NEWS The first phase of Optimism’s debut airdrop took place on May 31, but it was overwhelmed by demand and the project scrambled to fulfill claims on a “turbulent” day. Optimism, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, set up the airdrop to distribute OP tokens to reward users that have helped it to grow and to entice newcomers to join the network.

FARM TOKEN But some onlookers were not convinced Optimism is worth the trouble. “I see no reason for [$OP] to exist apart from it being a farm token for ecosystem rewards,” said Wangarian, an angel investor and former principal with DeFiance Capital.

WALLETS Optimism doled out tokens to 248,699 wallet addresses across the Ethereum and Optimism networks. Eligible users had to meet a variety of criteria, including being on the Optimism chain, voting on proposals or signing multisig wallets for top DAOs within the Ethereum ecosystem, and Gitcoin donors.



💦 Liquidity Staking Derivatives Pose ‘Significant Risks’ to Ethereum 2.0: Report

LSD Protocols May Make Ethereum Vulnerable to Abuses of Power After Shift to PoS

By Aleksandar Gilbert

INTEGRITY Protocols that offer liquid staking derivatives, like Lido and Rocket Pool, could undermine the integrity of Ethereum after its transition to proof-of-stake, according to a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation.

DANGERS If any protocol were to stake a majority of the Ether in circulation, it would become vulnerable to censorship demands and other abuses of power blockchain technology was developed to circumvent, researcher Danny Ryan wrote in a blog post titled “The Dangers of LSD.”

POOLED CAPITAL “Liquid staking derivatives (LSD) such as Lido and similar protocols are a stratum for cartelization and induce significant risks to the Ethereum protocol and to the associated pooled capital when exceeding critical consensus thresholds,” the report said.


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Market Action

😬 DeFi’s TVL Fell 40% in May But Bright Spots Emerge

By Samuel Haig


TVL DROP Should we even look? DeFi protocols recorded a May to forget. The Total Value Locked (TVL) across the sector plummeted more than 40% in the month to $111.4B, according to data from DeFi Llama.

TERRA The primary cause, of course, was the collapse of Terra and its UST stablecoin. Its demise evaporated $28B from the markets in May. The Ethereum network network also shed nearly $40B.

AVALANCHE As for alternative Layer 1 networks offering cheap smart contracts, they also suffered declines in TVL ranging from 30% to 55%. Avalanche lost $5B, and Binanace Smart Chain dropped by $3B.


Combined DeFi TVL. Source: DeFi Llama

STABLECOINS No surprise, protocols targeting stablecoins were among the hardest hit, with the fallout from UST’s failure prompting many investors to exit or redeem positions.


Bitcoin Adoption

🇸🇻 El Salvador Struggles to Adopt Bitcoin Despite Government Push

Taking Stock Of Crypto Adoption In The Americas

By Jason Levin


TWO ROUTES Every country does crypto differently. El Salvador’s government incentivized Bitcoin usage whereas Argentina’s crypto boom has been largely organic. The two routes – top-down and bottom-up – are quite distinct in their approaches and outcomes.

ADOPTION It’s too early to tell which approach has better chances for long term success, but so far, it looks like the bottom-up approach is working better for crypto adoption in a nation.

PAYMENTS When El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender, all businesses were compelled to accept BTC for payments. To incentivize Bitcoin adoption, the Salvadoran government released a custodial digital wallet, gave its users $30 of free Bitcoin, and subsidized transaction fees.

FIAT CURRENCY Despite these incentives, researchers from the University of Chicago found that only 4.9% of all sales in El Salvador are conducted in Bitcoin. Researchers also found that 88% of businesses exchange Bitcoin revenue for fiat currency.


The Tube

📺 Tutorial: Do Kwon's folly - Dai was never going to die. Here's why:

Optimism Airdrop

💸 $OP is Live! A Guide To Claiming the Airdrop

By yyctrader


AIRDROP Layer 2 season is upon us. Optimism’s OP token is live and eligible users can claim the first phase of the airdrop. Optimism is an Ethereum scaling solution based on optimistic rollup technology. The official token contract was unearthed by Crypto Twitter sleuths last week.

Here’s how to claim:

Step 1: Check your eligibility at https://app.optimism.io/airdrop


Details about qualifying criteria and tokenomics were released last month.



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