🏰 DeFi Kingdoms Challenges Axie Infinity’s GameFi Supremacy with NFT Play

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today, News Aave Latest DeFi Protocol to Delay Open Source and Lock Down V3 Code DeFi Kingdoms Challenges Axie Infinity’s GameFi Supremacy with NFT Play Video First Look: Basis trading using perps, stables an...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today,




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Open Source

🔒 Aave Latest DeFi Protocol to Delay Open Source and Lock Down V3 Code

UPGRADE Is the open-source era in DeFi ending? Aave, one of the top decentralized finance (DeFi) money market protocols, looks set to upgrade to version 3 under a business license that restricts use of their code for something like a year, according to a poll of AAVE holders that closed on Dec. 13. This follows on Uniswap’s decision to do the same when it introduced concentrated liquidity.

COMMUNITY Aave founder Stani Kulechov emphasized to The Defiant via Telegram that it’s still open source, it’s just delayed. “The idea is to allow the Aave community to ensure that the protocol works as expected before going to wider use,” he said. “The Aave community can always expedite the process and also it does not affect any products that are built on top, meaning that anyone can innovate on top of the V3.”

CODE There’s a saying in newsrooms that three times is a trend. Right now, we’re at two — at least by our count, but when another leading DeFi protocol decides to lock down their code for a while, it could mean the beginning of the end for open source as a matter of course in blockchain development.



👑 DeFi Kingdoms Challenges Axie Infinity’s GameFi Supremacy with NFT Play

TL;DR Questioning the utility of NFTs as simple collectables may be missing the point. DeFi Kingdom, an entrant to the blossoming GameFi sector, is expanding the definition of NFTs by offering its version of the tokens, called Heroes. They are playable characters that go on quests to earn tokens. In contrast with static NFT, Heroes gain experience through these adventures and can be equipped with gear to increase their efficacy.


DeFi Kingdom’s Hero NFTs.

GAME SPACE The NFTs are one reason why DeFi Kingdom (DFK) is dominating Harmony One, contributing $280M of the blockchain’s $507M in total value locked as of Dec. 14, according to DeFi Llama. The blockchain game space has been owned by Axie Infinity, whose play-to-earn mechanics created livelihoods for players and made it one of web3’s feel good stories. But DFK is gaining steam.

VOLUME DeFi Kingdom (DFK) now ranks second behind Axie Infinity in volume in the last day, week, and 30-day period, according to Dapp Radar. In this context volume means the amount of value flowing into a given decentralized application’s smart contracts, a Dapp Radar representative told The Defiant via Telegram.


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Bitcoin whales and crypto insiders have begun to discover the “Vault” yield-optimizer platform operated by Omni Consumer Protocols, aka OCP. The industry-first “Yield Minting” feature allows users to auto-compound single assets and mint USDO stablecoins from them simultaneously, all whileavoiding impermanent loss.

2x the standard rates of return are normal to see on OCP’s Vault; this includes single asset staking on Bitcoin, Stablecoins, CAKE, LINA, and others, with the list of approved assets growing rapidly. Further, all rewards are native APY, meaning: you stake BTC, you earn BTC.

However, it’s not just rates and features turning heads...

OCP has been focused on fortifying their protocol since March 2021, flying under the radar, while building their ‘swiss army knife’ of DeFi instruments on Binance Smart Chain. However, in a shift of efforts, OCP has recently announced a pivot to a marketing-driven multi-chain business model. Expect them on several chains before 2022; indeed, perhaps this is what has begun to garner attention, not only from the retail market, but from top 100 projects and tier-1 centralized exchanges alike…

While we wait for more, visit their website and join their community on Telegram to be first to get the news.

The Tube

📺 First Look: Basis trading using perps, stables and a whole lotta Lemma


🔗 Witnesses offer differing opinions on approach to stablecoins at congressional hearing: CoinTelegraph

The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs heard from several expert witnesses with knowledge of stablecoins who urged lawmakers to establish a clear regulatory framework but could not seem to agree on where lines would be drawn.

🔗 NYDIG announces $1 billion funding round, valuing company at $7 billion: The Block

Crypto financial services firm NYDIG announced Tuesday the completion of a $1 billion funding round that values the company at $7 billion.

🔗 10 Predictions About Crypto in 2022 with Ryan Selkis: Bankless

Ryan Selkis is the Founder and CEO the data analytics platform Messari. In Ryan's past Bankless appearances, we've debated ETH as money and the Triple Point Asset thesis. We've tackled crypto regulation and taking an aggressive stance on policy.

🔗 Chainlink Price Feeds Running Live on Harmony Mainnet, Empowering Developers Building DeFi Apps: Medium

We’re excited to announce that the industry-leading Chainlink Price Feeds are now running live on Harmony mainnet as the go-to oracle solution for DeFi projects in the Harmony ecosystem.

🔗 Ex Populus Raises $8.5M Amid Fears Web 3 Gaming Is Growing Frothy: CoinDesk

Blockchain gaming projects like Illuvium have reached remarkable valuations in the tens of billions in recent weeks, despite sometimes featuring highly stripped-down or no currently playable games.


Solana @solana🎧 On this episode of the Solana Podcast, @aeyakovenko leads a discussion about the complexity and game theory surrounding stake pools, decentralization and censorship resistance with @_vshapovalov, @0x__fp, and @kuzekuze3! Listen: podcast.solana.com/episodes/stake…3:47 PM ∙ Dec 14, 2021408Likes63Retweets


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