🦉 Carson’s Sudden Exit from Moonbirds Team Leaves NFT Investors Miffed

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today: News Carson’s Sudden Exit from Moonbirds Team Leaves NFT Investors Miffed New Project Puts NFT Investing on Autopilot Optimism Launches OP Token With Airdrop For Early Users Video Tutorial: How to trac...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today:




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NFT Collections

🦉 Carson’s Sudden Exit from Moonbirds Team Leaves NFT Investors Miffed

Proof Collective Alum Takes Flight with New NFT Fund

By yyctrader


LEAVING Ryan Carson, the chief operating officer of the Proof Collective team that launched the Moonbirds NFT collection on April 16, is leaving to start an NFT fund. The new venture,1.21 Gigawatts Fund, touts itself as “the fund you wish you could go back in time and invest in.”


COMMUNITY Carson’s departure was not well received by the NFT community.


FLOOR PRICE The Proof team, led by serial entrepreneur Kevin Rose, has become the toast of NFT town after the spectacular success of Moonbirds. The NFT collection boasts a floor price of 30 ETH ($87,000), twelve times the mint price of 2.5 ETH, just 10 days after its launch.


NFT Trading

🤖 New Project Puts NFT Investing on Autopilot

Automated Market Maker Positions NFTs as Tradable Assets

By Owen Fernau

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NFT TRADING The financialization of NFTs continues. The latest development is the deployment of an automated market maker (AMM) called sudoAMM, which is specifically designed for NFT trading. It’s slated for Ethereum’s mainnet and is designed to be a piece of infrastructure for other NFT projects.

CONTRACT “We’re testing in prod atm for the [user interface]” 0xmon, the project’s co-founder, told The Defiant. The pseudonymous developer posted a transaction on Twitter, which used the contract deployed on April 24. Gem, an NFT aggregator which OpenSea acquired this week, has already integrated sudoAMM’s contracts, according to the aggregator’s lead developer who goes by Vasa.

COMMITMENT SudoAMM allows users to deposit either ETH, NFTs of a certain collection, or both, with a custom bonding curve. This lets users set up limit orders for by deploying ETH into a pool with an on-chain commitment to buy NFTs of a specific collection at a chosen price.


Three categories of sudoAMM pools. Source: Oxmon’s blog



🪂 Optimism Launches OP Token With Airdrop For Early Users

By Owen Fernau


GOVERNANCE Layer 2 season is upon us. Optimism, a Layer 2 (L2) network designed to scale Ethereum by executing transactions off the main chain, is launching the “Optimism Collective,” a bicameral governance system which will be tasked with increasing demand for the network.


An outline of the two houses of the Optimism Collective

PUBLIC GOODS One of the two houses of the collective will be governed by Optimism’s new OP token, which will be airdropped to early users. Qualifying activities include making transactions early or often on Optimism, and also actions unrelated to the L2 like Gitcoin donations, which facilitate public goods funding.

INCENTIVES The Token House, as the token-governed branch of governance is called, will be able to vote on “protocol upgrades and project incentives as part of a Governance Fund,” said Optimism’s post outlining the new governance system.


OP Airdrop Eligibility


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📺 Tutorial: How to track what crypto whales are buying



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Compound Labs @compoundfinanceFrom The Compound Digest: Treasury now accepts USDC deposits; Governance Proposal 100


compound.substack.comTreasury now accepts USDC deposits; Governance Proposal 100Compound Digest - April 26, 20226:33 PM ∙ Apr 26, 202228Likes7Retweets


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