📈 Bored Apes’ Floor Price Briefly Passes CryptoPunks as NFT Race Intensifies

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today, News Bored Apes’ Floor Price Briefly Passes CryptoPunks as NFT Race Intensifies Compound DAO Uses Public Bidding Process To Hire Security Auditor Transak Launches Fiat Onramps to Top L2s Arbitrum and Op...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today,



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NFT Floor Prices

📈 Bored Apes’ Floor Price Briefly Passes CryptoPunks as NFT Race Intensifies

PRICE TAG The floor price of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs briefly surpassed that of CryptoPunks for the first time, with no tokens from either collection fetching a price tag below $200,000.

FLOOR PRICE On Dec. 22, media outlets spotted that the floor price — the value of the cheapest NFT from a collection that is available for purchase on leading marketplace OpenSea — for BAYC had risen to 53.9 ETH (roughly $213,450). At the same, the floor price of CryptoPunks had fallen to a four-month low of 52.69 Ether (roughly $208,650).

AUCTION However, opportunistic NFT traders have since responded to the BAYC news, with the cheapest Bored Ape now up for auction at 52.2 Ether ($206,700) while CryptoPunks’ floor is sitting at 53.83 ETH ($213,000).


DAO Practices

👨🏻‍💻 Compound DAO Uses Public Bidding Process To Hire Security Auditor

NEWS The Compound DAO, which oversees the decentralized finance money market of the same name, has picked a security auditor. OpenZeppelin will take on the unusual role of an on-call security auditor for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), available to monitor changes to the smart contracts and to its governance system, following a major bug in Sept. in how Compound distributed its governance token, COMP.

SO WHAT The company was selected through a governance vote that ended on Dec. 18, featuring bids from three different security companies. It won the role through an open, public process that may provide a look into how DAOs will do business over time.

VOTE In the end, 1.37M COMP were voted to support OpenZeppelin’s bid, with only a few thousand COMP voting against it. It was by far the largest vote for any of the three proposals. The biggest voting pools supporting OpenZeppelin came from Andreessen-Horowitz, Polychain Capital and Bain Capital Ventures. Based on its proposal, OpenZeppelin will be paid a flat fee of $1M in COMP tokens each quarter for one year.


Layer 2s

🛣 Transak Launches Fiat Onramps to Top L2s Arbitrum and Optimism

ONRAMPS Transak Finance, a team of developers building fiat-to-crypto payment bridges, launched fiat onramps for popular Ethereum L2s Arbitrum and Optimism on Dec. 22.

BRIDGES The bridges represent a significant milestone in the adoption of L2s, enabling users to directly transfer value onto the networks using their local fiat currency and card providers.

LARGEST L2 Without the fiat bridge, transacting on L2 would require users to transfer assets onto the Ethereum network before bridging them onto Arbitrum or Optimism, racking up significant gas fees in the process. Arbitrum is currently the largest L2 by total value locked (TVL) with $2.41B or 44.7% of total Layer 2 market share. Optimism ranks fifth with $399M or 7.4% of the sector’s TVL.


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The Tube


🔗 Uniswap goes live on Polygon: The Block

Decentralized exchange protocol Uniswap has gone live on Polygon, an Ethereum-focused scaling platform.

🔗 NFT lending platform Arcade raises $15 million in Series A funding: The Block

Arcade (formerly Pawn.fi), a platform that lets users borrow against their NFTs as collateral, has raised $15 million in a Series A funding round.

🔗 B.Protocol Raises $2.2M to Backstop DeFi Liquidations: CoinDesk

Lending project B.Protocol, which builds tools to “democratize” DeFi liquidations, raised $2.2 million.

🔗 Binance Will List Convex Finance (CVX) and ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) in the Innovation Zone: Binance

Binance will list Convex Finance (CVX) and ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) in the Innovation Zone and will open trading for CVX/BTC, CVX/BUSD, CVX/USDT, PEOPLE/BTC, PEOPLE/BUSD and PEOPLE/USDT trading pairs at 2021-12-23 06:00 (UTC).


yearn.finance @iearnfinanceYIP-65: Evolving YFI Tokenomics The proposal has entered a voting phase. 🗳 Cast your vote on Snapshot snapshot.org/#/ybaby.eth/pr… 📓 Learn more in the discussion thread gov.yearn.finance/t/yip-65-evolv…


gov.yearn.financeYIP-65: Evolving YFI TokenomicsAuthors: @0xJiji, @banteg, daryllautk, HAtTip3675, @onlylarping, @vany365, @Wot_Is_Goin_On Summary Evolve the role YFI plays in Yearn over four distinct phases, cementing the vision of the token as the fundamental foundation of governance. Status Voting This proposal is currently in the voting …8:00 AM ∙ Dec 23, 202152Likes14Retweets


OpenSea @openseaExcited to be partnering with @AlchemyPlatform to launch @web3university 💙 Keep your eyes peeled for news soon.


Web3 University @web3universityHello World 👋 We're a community focused on building a library of the best Web3 educational resources in the space. Want to learn how to build in Web3? Start here: https://t.co/ugj8mwGjNJ To contribute & meet people, join discord here: https://t.co/Vol7vL0ri910:13 AM ∙ Dec 22, 2021317Likes40Retweets

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