Solana Foundation, BackPack, Moonshot Commons, and HackQuest Co-host Developer Meetup in Chengdu

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Solana Foundation, BackPack, Moonshot Commons, and HackQuest Co-host Developer Meetup in Chengdu

Atlanta, GA, August 24th, 2023, Chainwire

In an extraordinary blending of tradition and innovation, Solana Foundation, Solana xNFT wallet Backpack, developer education platform HackQuest, and global Web3 builder community Moonshot Commons joined forces to co-host the Solana Chengdu Developer Meetup on August 12th, 2023.

The event took place at a historic venue dating back to the Chinese Qing dynasty in 1663, providing a captivating backdrop that immersed attendees in the rich heritage of the traditional culture. During the event, over 70 passionate developers and researchers in Web3 engaged in discussions centering around the thriving Solana ecosystem and exciting technological advancements.

Solana, known as a proof-of-stake blockchain platform, has been a driving force behind Web3 innovation. The platform has organized numerous international hackathons and Web3 workshops across major cities like Berlin, Bengaluru, Hong Kong, and Toronto. With a mature developer community in North America and Europe, Solana is now expanding its exposure and community in Asia by collaborating with Moonshot, a renowned Web3 community, and HackQuest, a soon-to-launch developer education platform.

While the Solana Chengdu Developer Meetup event was an invite-only session for experienced developers, where advanced topics centered around the most cutting-edge technology advancements in the Solana ecosystem, the gathering is more than a one-off occurrence. The event represents the beginning of a concerted effort to make Web3 accessible to everyone. As Solana revitalizes its presence in the Asian market, HackQuest emerges as one of the important partners, focusing on the democratization of Web3 development. HackQuest offers a friction-minimizing educational infrastructure aimed at the onboarding of developers and non-developers. The platform's chain-agnostic focus and accessible course design are geared toward mass adoption, with the core features expected to be live later this year.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Solana," says the HackQuest founding team. “This partnership amplifies our mission to make Web3 programming accessible to all. We are excited to advance our education platform later this year, opening doors for developers worldwide.”

Complementing HackQuest's educational drive, Moonshot Commons reinforces Solana's commitment to innovation, growth, and global web3 development. With operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York, Moonshot seamlessly integrates into this collaboration, steering the developer community toward a future filled with potential. “We are committed to building an active web3 community and hope to connect the larger ecosystem through events like these,” says the Moonshot Commons founding team, “It’s a pleasure to collaborate on initiatives that align with our vision of cultivating accessibility and growth within the next generation of the web3 developer community.”

Daniel, the Head of Solana Foundation MCM team, expressed his enthusiasm about co-hosting the Solana Chengdu Developer Meetup: "Solana Foundation is thrilled to co-host the event. This marks our commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and accessibility within the web3 ecosystem. We are excited to deepen our engagement with the Asian market and work together with strong local partners like Moonshot Commons and HackQuest to empower developers worldwide.”

Chris, the Founder of the developer tooling platform Mirror World, also attended the event and shared his thoughts on the rapid growth of the Solana community in Asia: "It's such a refreshing taste to see the rapid growth of the Solana community in Asia hosted by Moonshot Commons and HackQuest, especially when it comes to gaming and applications. We believe many of the Solana infrastructure improvements over the last year directly led to product adoptions on a stabler network.”

Moving forward, HackQuest and Moonshot Commons are committed to collaborating with Solana Foundation to foster the developer ecosystem and community. The partnership aims to support the Solana Foundation in building a thriving developer ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region by organizing both online and offline developer activities. This remarkable collaboration sets the stage for a promising future, signaling significant advancements in blockchain technology and innovation in the APAC region as a whole.

About Solana Foundation

Solana is a Blockchain built for mass adoption: fast, composable, green, and globally distributed. Solana Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the decentralization, growth, and security of the Solana network.

About Backpack

Backpack is the first wallet built for xNFTs. Whether it’s tokens, decentralized applications, or NFTs, use all your crypto assets inside Backpack.

About HackQuest

HackQuest is the gateway to the Web3 development world, providing a comprehensive, one-stop educational infrastructure that minimizes friction and helps onboard developers and non-developers to the world of Web3. HackQuest believes that improving Web3 developer education is key to driving mass adoption.

About Moonshot Commons

Moonshot Commons, based in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York, is a global Gen Z Web3 builder community backed by HashKey Capital, ChainIDE, Mask Network, Hash Global, Zhen Fund, and more. Within two years, it has raised over $100 million from VCs — with many more launching soon.


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