LightLink Hosts Inaugural APAC Hackathon with HackQuest and Moonshot Commons Ahead of Token Launch

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LightLink Hosts Inaugural APAC Hackathon with HackQuest and Moonshot Commons Ahead of Token Launch

Atlanta, GA, February 13th, 2024, LightLink and HackQuest

LightLink, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that lets dApps and enterprises offer users instant, gasless transactions, joined forces with Web3 education platform HackQuest and its subsidiary, Web3 builders community Moonshot Commons, to host the inaugural LightLink APAC Hackathon from December 18th, 2023 to January 5th, 2024.

LightLink Hackathon unveiled 10 pioneering projects, engaged over 70 hackers, and 30% of whom are new entrants to the Web3 domain. This endeavor highlighted LightLink's ongoing testament to facilitate collaboration, creativity, and inclusive growth in the Web3 ecosystem.

During the hackathon, HackQuest and Moonshot Commons, organizers of the event, also held a week-long Hacker House in Chengdu to connect LightLink builders in real life for the very first time. Beyond workshops and networking sessions, the hackathon also included an online AMA session featuring Roy Hui, the founder of LightLink, and Vlad Likhuta, the Growth Lead of LightLink. Roy and Vlad shared insights and perspectives on topics including LightLink, Enterprise Mode, and Web3 industry, and addressed questions related to the hackathon. Users can click here for the LightLink HackerHouse AMA recap.

The hackathon concluded on January 5th, 2024 with a Demo Day that showcased the top 10 finalist projects from its hackathon in a collaborative effort with leading firms such as HashKey CapitalByteTrade LabSevenX Ventures, and Hash Global. In addition, key partners AWS, QuickNode, and Chainbase collectively offered over $100,000 in credits, which significantly boosted the developers’ hackathon experience and also underscored LightLink's dedication to innovation within its ecosystem.

Elevating the LightLink Ecosystem to New Heights via Gasless GameStorm Hackathon

LightLink redefines blockchain accessibility with its Ethereum Layer 2 solution, which offers dApps and enterprises the ability to provide instant, gasless transactions. With the integration of optimistic rollups and its proprietary stack, LightLink could potentially offer a transaction throughput surpassing Ethereum's by over 400 times to ensure unparalleled scalability and streamlined user experience.

LightLink's Enterprise Mode allows businesses to facilitate transactions on a secure, user-friendly platform without incurring fees or requiring tokens. LightLink already powers over 25 partnerships, including projects such as Grapes and The Red Village. A key development in LightLink’s growth trajectory is the integration with Translucia, a US$300 million venture undertaken by T&B Media Global, an entertainment technology and media conglomerate, and MQDC, Thailand's real estate leader known for high-profile projects such as the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok and IconSiam.

LightLink's mission is to seamlessly integrate millions into the digital economy through user-focused dApps and enterprise partnerships, making blockchain as intuitive and accessible as Web2, without the complexity of gas fees and protocols. This approach has been instrumental in its first APAC hackathon, where LightLink encouraged GameFi developers to leverage these features to create projects that contribute to the network's growth and diversification.

GameFi Developers Shine in LightLink's APAC Hackathon

The panel of judges for the hackathon Demo Day, comprised of venture capitalists and engineers, assessed the projects based on functionality, technical implementation quality, presentation, and scalability. Here comes a shout-out for the winning teams :

  1. LightLink Roulette: A community-driven gambling app that offers a fair gaming experience utilizing Enterprise Mode’s user acquisition feature and Pyth Network’s Entropy.
  2. KEKKAI: A security solution designed to protect assets from phishing attacks using transaction simulation.
  3. MOVEFLOW: A protocol for scheduled transactions like payrolls and vesting, planning to use Enterprise Mode to eliminate gas fees and elevate the UX.
  4. Eternals MMORPG:An on-chain MMORPG with smart contract-driven logic and an elemental combat system.
  5. VeriMint: A ZKP-based tool for NFT copyrighting with hidden watermarks.
  6. OpSyndicate: A web platform for creating investment clubs to fund promising projects with simplified participating experiences.

Users can check out more details on the Top 10 demo day projects of the LightLink APAC Hackathon here.

What’s Next and How to Get Involved

LightLink's inaugural APAC hackathon with HackQuest and Moonshot Commons signifies LightLink’s pledge to provide a collaborative environment for developers and to continue enhancing the evolving blockchain landscape.

Users can stay informed and register for upcoming events by following LightLink, HackQuest, and Moonshot Commons on Twitter.

About LightLink

LightLink is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that lets dApps and enterprises offer users instant, gasless transactions. Integrating optimistic rollups with its proprietary stack, LightLink potentially offers a transaction throughput more than 400 times Ethereum's, ensuring unmatched scalability and a streamlined user experience. LightLink's novel Enterprise Mode enables businesses to operate gas-free, allowing users on their platforms to engage in a secure, user-friendly blockchain network without transaction fees, barriers to entry, or the need for any tokens. For more, visit LightLink's website.

About HackQuest

HackQuest is a comprehensive, one-stop Web3 developer education platform onboarding everyone to the Web3 development world. We believe that improving Web3 developer education is key to driving mass adoption.

About Moonshot Commons

HQed in HK and NYC, Moonshot Commons is a global community for Web3 founders to learn, build, and scale. Within two years, Moonshot community members have raised $110m+ from VCs — with many more launching soon!