What are Passkeys? Exodus unveils Passkets Wallet – the future of seamless user onboarding and self-custody.


Effortless Web3 Entry: One-Click Onboarding with Passkeys Wallet

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What are Passkeys? Exodus unveils Passkets Wallet – the future of seamless user onboarding and self-custody.

Exodus, the industry leader in user-friendly crypto wallets, has unveiled Passkeys Wallet – an embedded wallet simplifying web3 onboarding.

With Passkeys, gone are the days of lengthy sign-ups, secret phrases, and frustrating downloads.

What are Passkeys?


Passkeys is a next-generation passwordless authentication system. This means you can create a crypto wallet using just your fingerprint or facial recognition. No more struggling to remember or write down secret phrases, or creating separate accounts and passwords.

This effortless experience caters to both seasoned investors and new users, eliminating friction and boosting user acquisition.

Why Passkeys?

Passkeys eliminate the need for lengthy sign-up processes or remembering complex secret phrases. It leverages the security and convenience of your existing device biometrics (FaceID, TouchID) to create a secure crypto wallet directly within the platform you’re on.

Here's why Passkeys is a game-changer:

  • Effortless Onboarding: One-click wallet creation with biometrics eliminates lengthy sign-ups and secret phrases, boosting user acquisition and reducing churn.
  • Seamless User Experience: Manage crypto directly within your platform, no need for separate apps or email logins.
  • Security: MPC technology gives users peace of mind without custodial risks.
  • Developer-Friendly: Integrate Passkeys in minutes with our library and customization options, tailoring the wallet experience to your platform.
  • Customizable UI: For dApps and web platforms, match the Passkeys Wallet to your platform's branding.

What can you do with Passkeys Wallet?


Passkeys provides a secure and convenient way to manage crypto directly within dApps and web3 apps:

  • Effortlessly Swap Crypto: Trade between different cryptocurrencies directly within a platform.
  • Buy Crypto: Easily purchase crypto using your preferred payment methods.
  • Simple login across apps: Use the same wallet across different apps. A single Passkeys wallet can be used across different apps
  • Multichain Support: Access a wide range of popular blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and more!

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