DefiEdge Launches on PancakeSwap V3, Unleashing New Opportunities for LPs on BNB Chain

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DefiEdge Launches on PancakeSwap V3, Unleashing New Opportunities for LPs on BNB Chain

DefiEdge, the pioneering asset management platform, is excited to announce its integration with PancakeSwap, one of the leading decentralized exchanges (DEX) on the BNB Smart Chain by user count. This marks the third DEX that DefiEdge has expanded into after its success on Uniswap V3 ( ~$8M TVL and ~$800M in Volume via DefiEdge) and Apeswap, showcasing its commitment to expanding its reach and providing effective liquidity management solutions for the DeFi ecosystem.


DefiEdge’s integration with PancakeSwap brings a range of opportunities for liquidity providers (LPs) looking to optimize their yield farming and liquidity provision strategies. With DefiEdge’s innovative approach to asset management, LPs can leverage advanced strategies and techniques to enhance their earnings and manage their liquidity ranges more efficiently. DefiEdge’s platform enables LPs to launch and manage strategies on popular PancakeSwap pools, such as Cake/WBNB, ETH/BTCB, BTCB/WBNB, USDT/BUSD, and more, without the need for constant manual adjustments. This empowers LPs to maximize their yield potential while minimizing the time and effort required for managing their liquidity positions.

Opportunities for LPs:

This advance opens up a world of possibilities for LPs within the PancakeSwap ecosystem. By providing LPs with sophisticated tools and strategies, DefiEdge aims to boost liquidity provision and yield farming on PancakeSwap, further enhancing the overall ecosystem. The DefiEdge <>PancakeSwap integration represents a significant milestone in the evolution of DeFi, as it combines the strengths of two leading platforms to deliver unprecedented value to LPs and the broader crypto community.

“We are thrilled to launch on PancakeSwap and bring our innovative approach to asset management to the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem,” said a spokesperson from DefiEdge. “Our integration with PancakeSwap represents a strategic partnership that will unlock new opportunities for LPs, allowing them to optimize their liquidity provision strategies as they seek to enhance their earnings. We are excited to contribute to the growth of the PancakeSwap ecosystem and provide LPs with powerful tools to manage their liquidity positions more effectively.”


Perfect Solution for Protocols to move their liquidity from V2 to V3

“This is the perfect solution for projects looking to move their liquidity from the old V2 style liquidity management to the new era of V3 Concentrated Liquidity Management. DefiEdge is the perfect partner to facilitate this transition.”, Nishchal Gaba, CMO, DefiEdge

DeFi entered a new era this month as multiple DEXs upgraded to V3, a more capital-efficient industry standard providing liquidity concentrated around limited price ranges in a way that effectively creates a trading order book on-chain. The DefiEdge-PancakeSwap integration is timed perfectly to take advantage of this new paradigm. V3 liquidity positions allow for the provision of liquidity within certain ranges, making them much more efficient in terms of earning trading fees than earlier V2 solutions.

“This integration is a testament to DefiEdge’s commitment to delivering value and innovation to LPs, and the company looks forward to a successful partnership with PancakeSwap,” the spokesperson added.


Flagship ALO Solution:

In addition to its integration with PancakeSwap, DefiEdge has recently launched its suite of advanced liquidity management strategies for protocols on the BNB Smart Chain, which maintain liquidity ranges and ensure reduced slippage. The company’s automated liquidity management bots can be configured to dynamically deploy liquidity around any price outlook, which is provided as a feature for DefiEdge’s Automated Liquidity Optimization (ALO) solution. With its ALO technology and other key features, DefiEdge helps protocols manage their liquidity more efficiently and effectively, providing a comprehensive liquidity management solution for the DeFi ecosystem.

Call for Partnerships: DEXs & Projects

DefiEdge also offers Co-Marketing support for upcoming DEXs & projects, providing increased visibility and exposure within the crypto community. If you are also a DEX looking to launch your own V3 AMM as a transition from old V2 style liquidity management. DefiEdge provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features to optimize liquidity management for DEXs, including tailored UniV3 contracts, an intuitive SDK for trading strategies, and an ERC20 representation of liquidity positions for farming rewards.

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About DefiEdge:

DefiEdge is a pioneering asset management platform that provides LPs with sophisticated strategies and tools for optimizing their yield farming and liquidity provision strategies. With a focus on capital efficiency and automation, DefiEdge aims to empower LPs with innovative solutions that enhance their earnings while minimizing the time and effort required for managing their liquidity positions. DefiEdge is committed to driving the adoption of DeFi and revolutionizing the asset management landscape in the crypto space.

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About PancakeSwap:

PancakeSwap is a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the BNB Smart Chain. As one of the most popular DEXs in the BSC ecosystem, PancakeSwap offers a wide range of liquidity provision and yield farming opportunities for LPs. With a user-friendly interface and a vibrant community, PancakeSwap has emerged as a key player in the DeFi landscape, providing LPs with accessible and efficient solutions for trading and liquidity provision on the BNB Smart Chain.