Ronin Network Unveils Permissionless zkEVM

Game developers will be able to deploy Layer 2 blockchains atop Ronin, leveraging a modified version of Polygon’s CDK.

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Ronin, the gaming-focused Layer 1 blockchain, has outlined plans to introduce a zkEVM to enable the permissionless creation of Layer 2 networks in its ecosystem.

“In the future, game developers will have the ability to launch their own Layer 2 blockchains on top of Ronin mainnet,” read a statement shared with The Defiant. “These new Ronin chains will use zero-knowledge proofs to open the door to more games, more players, and more economic freedom.”

The Ronin network has enjoyed a fourfold increase in total value locked (TVL) since October 2023. According to DefiLlama, TVL soared from $51 million last year to $181 million today. The network’s RON token has rallied 600% during the same period.

RON Price chart
RON Price

Adding the Polygon CDK and tapping burgeoning zkEVM technology could help boost activity across the Ronin ecosystem. zkEVMs are scaling solutions that leverage zero-knowledge proofs to enable private, scalable, and secure execution of smart contracts while maintaining compatibility with the existing Ethereum ecosystem.

Weekly active users are up by 7%, while monthly active users have remained steady at around 2,500, according to a Dune dashboard. Total USDC bridged through Ronin is down from its March 12 peak of $44.6 million to $37.5 million today.

Ronin Bridge Weekly Transactions chart
Ronin Bridge Weekly Transactions

The top three gaming ecosystems built on Ronin – Pixels, Apeiron, and Axie Infinity – have more than 705,000 unique active wallets, according to DappRadar.

Axie Infinity continues to be one of the largest gaming ecosystems in crypto, with 55,000 unique active wallets and over $1 billion in total value locked (TVL).