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Optimism Challenges Arbitrum with ‘Superchain’

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L2 Wars

Optimism Forges ‘Superchain’ to Challenge Arbitrum for Supremacy in Layer 2 Market

Optimism Wins Over Coinbase as It Gains Ground on Arbitrum

By Aleksandar Gilbert

L2Wars OpVArb

The competition between Ethereum’s Layer 2 blockchains will soon become a full-blown contest for supremacy in scaling the No. 1 smart chain network. The L2 wars have begun, and escalation is imminent.

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‘Counter-Exploit’ Claws Back $202M From Hacker

U.K. Court Orders to Retrieve Stolen Assets from DeFi Heist

By Aleksandar Gilbert and Samuel Haig 


It may be an unprecedented event in crypto — the counter-exploit. And it just took place thanks to a British judge’s ruling linked to the second-biggest hack in DeFi history. 

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DeFi Lending

MakerDAO’s Plan To Enable MKR As Collateral For DAI Draws Comparisons To UST

Proposed Change Forms Part Of Co-Founder Rune Christensen’s Controversial ‘Endgame’ Plan

By Owen Fernau  


A potential change to one of DeFi’s oldest and largest protocols is raising concerns in the crypto community.

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NFT Trading

Collector Sells $18M in NFTs on Blur — Then Buys Some Back

Machi Sells 1,000 Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and Other NFTs in Wild Weekend

By Samuel Haig


An NFT collector roiled the marketplace over the weekend in a series of trades that left investors’ heads spinning.

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Market Action

Traders Speculate on Goerli Even as Ethereum Devs Move On

Action Mounts on Goerli ETH Despite Switch to Holli Testnet

By Samuel Haig


The Goerli testnet may have given way to a new one, but that hasn’t stopped traders from speculating on the price of Goerli ETH.

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Ethereum Scaling

The Zero-Knowledge Moment Has Arrived

A Rundown on the Slew of ZK Developments Coming This Year

By Evan Shapiro


Zero-knowledge rose to prominence within crypto last year primarily as a tool for enhancing scalability, particularly within the Ethereum ecosystem. 

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