🪂 ParaSwap Airdrops PSP Governance Token to ‘Active Users’

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today, News ParaSwap Airdrops PSP Governance Token to ‘Active Users’ CREAM Team Gives Up Future Payouts Following Hack, But Will They Stay? Pendle Launches Yield Token Trading on Avalanche Bitcoin’s Taproot S...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today,



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🪂 ParaSwap Airdrops PSP Governance Token to ‘Active Users’

NEWS ParaSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator and market maker, launched its governance token, PSP, on Nov. 15.


AIRDROP In a retroactive airdrop, 150M PSP tokens, or 7.5% of the total supply, have been allocated for active users of the protocol. This comes after the protocol quashed rumours of an airdrop just last month, perhaps in an attempt to deter gaming.


DEXS PSP holders will have governance rights over the protocol through the ParaswapDAO. ParaSwap attempts to source the best prices for users by obtaining quotes from private market makers on its platform and DEXs like Uniswap and Sushiswap. According to the announcement, PSP holders may stake their tokens to reward these market makers and incentivise them to provide better prices.


DeFi Hacks

🥛CREAM Team Gives Up Future Payouts Following Hack, But Will They Stay?

TL;DR The team behind DeFi money market C.R.E.A.M. Finance has come forward with a plan for partially compensating victims of the Oct. 27 exploit. The Yearn-affiliated money market is draining its treasury to repay users. 1.45M CREAM governance tokens had been set aside for future team remuneration, but will now be distributed proportionally to uninsured victims of the hack.

SO WHAT? Which raises the question: why would those building C.R.E.A.M. stick around without more tokens to look forward to? Approximately $130M in crypto assets were lost in late October in a flash loan attack; the team has now made $68M in CREAM tokens available to repay those who lost funds.

THEFT The theft was the third largest exploit of a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol. In a post-mortem, the team explained that it had been a combined oracle and flash loan attack. The report said, “The key vulnerability lies in the price calculation of a wrappable token. We have stopped all supply/borrow of wrappable tokens.”


Yield Tokens

🌨 Pendle Launches Yield Token Trading on Avalanche

LAUNCH Pendle, a pioneering yield tokenization protocol and automated market maker exchange, launched on Avalanche on Nov. 11, bringing new functionality to Avalanche’s growing DeFi ecosystem.

FUTURE YIELDS Pendle was the first yield tokenization protocol to launch on Ethereum when its mainnet went live on June 17, allowing users to speculate on the future yields and underlying assets values associated with interest-bearing tokens and liquidity provider positions.

ARBITRAGE Yield tokens give DeFi users greater flexibility in how they manage their positions, allowing them to realize future returns without selling underlying assets. Investors can speculate on future yields without purchasing underlying assets, access arbitrage opportunities, and generate returns through liquidity providing.



🌳 Bitcoin’s Taproot Seeks to Boost Smart Contracts and Privacy in Major Upgrade

NEWS Bitcoin has completed its long-awaited Taproot enhancement, improving privacy, scalability, and smart contract functionality in the network’s first major upgrade since August 2017.

SCRIPTING Taproot was activated on Nov. 14 after receiving support from 90% of the Bitcoin network’s miners and mining pools in June. It went live with block 709,632, which was mined by F2Pool. The upgrade seeks to enhance the scripting capabilities and privacy of the Bitcoin network.

MILESTONE As the first major upgrade since Segregated Witness and the Lightning Network four years ago, Taproot’s arrival has been celebrated as a milestone for unity in the Bitcoin community.



🏛 DAO Forms to Buy Original Print of the US Constitution for $20 Million

DAO A rocky relationship with US regulators hasn’t dampened the web3 movement’s American patriotism. Last Thursday, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) was formed to buy one of eleven remaining first prints of the United States Constitution.

AUCTION Sotheby’s will facilitate the auction and estimates that the document will go for between $15M and $20M. ConstitutionDAO has raised 902 ETH ($4.1M), as of Nov. 15 to purchase the document, which was printed in 1787. The auction will go live on Nov. 18. If successful, the project will have crowdfunded what’s likely to be an eight-figure purchase in just a week.

MESSAGE What’s drawn so much excitement from the web3 crowd? It’s about symbolism and sending a message. “Many of us were drawn to this project because we felt it was a great way to showcase the capabilities of web3,” Jonah Erlich, a core contributor to ConstitutionDAO told The Defiant.


DeFi Protocols

💰Sablier Finance Deploys Payroll Streaming to Polygon and BSC

NEWS Streaming music and videos has become a daily part of life. A “real-time finance” DeFi protocol now wants to do the same thing with money.

LESS EXPENSIVE Sablier Finance, a protocol that streams money by the second, is deploying to Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The deployments onto blockchains with less expensive transaction fees than Ethereum, home of Sablier’s original deployment, may expand the protocol’s customer base.

STREAMING SALARIES Until now, Sablier has primarily been used as a way to control vesting for teams, according to the project. With Polygon lowering fees by 676,750% and BSC by 12,000%, streaming salaries may become viable. Using Sablier, customers could receive a salary or payments denominated in DAI incrementally over the course of a month.


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The Tube

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FTX Galaxie Cup @GalaxieCupExcited to announce that @brycent_ is joining the @FTX_Official GalAxie Cup! A Partnered @AxieInfinity Humanitarian & NFT Gamer, Brycent will be representing @LootSquadGG in the FTX GalAxie Cup! Let's Become the Impossible! 🚀🚀


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