🪜Steps to Mainstream: Binance's CeFi to Polygon Bridge & DeBank's User-Friendly Wallet

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we covered yesterday, News Binance Supports Direct Polygon Withdrawals and Deposits Paradigm Team Outline Efficient AMM Design for Large Trades ETH Staking Service Lido Aims To Go Fully Decentralized DeBank Launches DeFi Bro...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we covered yesterday,





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Layer 2

Binance Now Supports Direct Polygon Withdrawals and Deposits

CEFI LINK DeFi is getting easier for CeFi users. Crypto’s largest centralized exchange, Binance, now allows users to withdraw and deposit Polygon’s MATIC token directly from and onto the protocol’s proof-of-stake mainnet.

CHEAPER Previously users needed to go through a multi-step process, either utilizing one of Binance’s two blockchains or swapping for Ethereum-based versions of MATIC when withdrawing or depositing. These options accrued fees. But with a direct route now, the fees are less, especially compared with a withdrawal to the Ethereum network.

Supporting Polygon’s mainnet is also symbolically significant — it recognizes the project as legitimate and distinct from Ethereum.


Binance now supports low-fee withdrawals to Matic’s native network, Polygon

“It’s going to be a huge boost for the already burgeoning Polygon ecosystem,” Polygon co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, told The Defiant. Nailwal continued, saying Polygon is second only to Ethereum in terms of adoption, and that the integration will help developers provide superior experiences to their users.


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Paradigm Team Outline Efficient AMM Design for Large Trades

NEW AMM Paradigm researcher partners Dave White, Dan Robinson and Uniswap founder Hayden Adams have cooked up another trading protocol.

LARGE ORDERS The decentralized exchange, called TWAMM, which stands for time-weighted average market maker, aims to help traders execute large orders, quickly, at low gas prices and without negatively affecting price.

TWAP In traditional finance, traders will often employ brokers to execute large orders algorithmically over a set period of time to get the best price, often using a Time-Weighted Average Price, or TWAP order.

The TWAMM protocol aims to replicate TWAP orders on-chain by breaking them up as a long-term order into “many infinitely small virtual sub-orders,” the Paradigm post says.



ETH Staking Service Lido Aims To Be More Decentralized

NON-CUSTODIAL The Ethereum staking-as-a-service company Lido is aiming to become more decentralized. The project has implemented a skeleton upgradable smart contract for making new withdrawals and new deposits fully non-custodial, according to a blog post. Lido is still seeking an optimal solution to become a trustless node operator.

Centralized exchanges offer a significant portion of the ETH2 staking services today. Because of the amount of ETH they stake for their customers, they’re likely to also be the biggest block producers once ETH2 goes live. Lido believes that could “harm Ethereum’s decentralization.”




DeBank Launches DeFi Browser Extension Wallet With “Human-Readable” Features

BROWSER WALLET Competition is heating up in the DeFi browser extension wallet category. DeBank, previously known primarily as a data provider, is the latest to announce a browser extension wallet geared especially for DeFi users.

USER FRIENDLY The wallet, called Rabby, will automatically switch between chains, according to the launch post. Rabby also promises to display more details regarding the contracts users are signing and a pre-transaction risk-scanning feature, which will alert users if it finds potential vulnerabilities in the contracts the user is interacting with.

COINBASE AND METAMASK Rabby follows the May 17 announcement by Coinbase to build a browser extension wallet., meanwhile, market leader MetaMask had 5M monthly users as of April 21. Metamask makes well over $100K a day in fees based on the 0.875% cut it takes on trades that happen within its browser extension. So Rabby’s in-wallet trading feature could be lucrative indeed.



First Look: Sushiswap’s Trident


🔗 Zuckerberg is turning trillion-dollar Facebook into a ‘metaverse’ company, he tells investors: TechCrunch

Following the quarterly release of Facebook’s earnings numbers where the company’s CFO takes time to walk analysts through the nitty gritty of the company’s financials, CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a moment to zoom out and wax on the company’s future goals, specifically calling out his ambitions to turn Facebook into “a metaverse company.”

🔗 Migrate or Die: @iearnfinance


yearn.finance @iearnfinanceMigrate or Die Yearn v1 vaults have served everyone as a reliable source of yield for almost a year, but now the time has come to say goodbye. All old vaults have been harvested one last time and divested from the strategies. You can migrate to v2 at any time without fees.


9:13 AM ∙ Jul 28, 2021212Likes41Retweets

🔗 dAMM (decentralized AMM: StarkWare

  • AMMs on L2 face a liquidity fragmentation problem
  • dAMM, a cross-L2 AMM that shares liquidity across layers, solves this
  • dAMM enables ZK-based L2s (e.g., DeversiFi, Loopring …) to asynchronously share liquidity — exposing LPs to more trades
  • dAMM enables LPs to serve L1 AMM such as Uniswap while partaking in L2 trading => scaling without compromise
  • dAMM harnesses the permissionless nature of L1, mitigating against liquidity fragmentation due to disparate L2s

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