Wassies NFT Project Launches Pop-up Hotel In Singapore

Aims To Boost Real World Exposure Of Non-fungible Tokens

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Wassies NFT Project Launches Pop-up Hotel In Singapore

Popular NFT project Wassies has launched a themed pop-up hotel in Singapore which will run from March to September.

The six-floor hotel consists of 55 rooms, with 49 rooms being Wassie-themed and six rooms featuring ‘Wassies & Friends’ – CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguins, Azukis, Nouns, Squiggles, and the Kong Collective.


Hotel Lobby. Source: Wassies

A pop-up hotel is a type of temporary accommodation that often features unique designs and amenities to create a memorable and one-of-a-kind experience for guests. In this case, the hotel’s rooms and corridors showcase artwork from members of the Wassie community.

The move is an experiment in using the Wassie IP across different verticals, according to the team. NFT holders are entitled to a free coffee daily from a Wassie-themed café along with discounted beverages and 20% off room bookings, which start at $112 per night.

“Singapore locations are a testbed as we iterate on the physical strategy – global infestation soon,” the project tweeted.

The floor price of the Wassies by Wassies collection has risen nearly 20% since March 24.