Blockchain Sleuth ZachXBT’s X Profile Goes Back to Offline After Briefly Flipping On

The on-chain investigator said he was stepping away for an indefinite amount of time.

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ZachXBT’s X account was momentarily back online today after the renowned blockchain investigator said he was was deactivating his profile for an indefinite amount of time to the dismay of “Crypto Twitter.”

The account was taken down on Dec. 23 after ZachXBT announced on Telegram he was deactivating it, bringing it back online for a brief moment today.

“Just deactivated X/Twitter for an unspecified amount of time,” he wrote on Dec. 23 in his Telegram channel, adding “Do not purchase any of these ZachXBT meme coins people are creating as I will never launch a coin.”

"Entitled" DM's

His account has been deactivated once again today, following a slew of “entitled” DM’s, Zach said.

The blockchain sleuth posted in his Telegram group today “Just checked my DMs for a few seconds and entitled people like this are exactly why I am tired of X/Twitter and will be off it for some time,” along with a photo of a crypto investor lashing out at Zach for not replying to their request for help.

“You can help people out for free but long term it is not a sustainable model as people will continue to ask for more and more from you,” he added.

Thanks to his tireless takedowns of crypto scams, ZachXBT became one of the most notorious anonymous figures in the industry. He landed the 2022 Defier of the year placeholder due to his relentless pursuit of cyber criminals.

Shocked CT

Crypto Twitter was shocked at the news.

“Crypto needs a conscience, he is it,” sang Songadaymann, a musician who creates NFTs of songs he makes.

“ZachXBT has done more to protect dumb retail investors in this space than any other human being,” Ovie Faruq, former Wall Street trader turned crypto artist said.

Never Enough

ZachXBT didn’t explicitly say why he was deactivating his account, but on the day he made the announcement, he had tweeted he will “eventually move away from helping people like I do now. It’s never enough and level of entitlement is insane.”

Another X user said the blockchain sleuth will eventually quit “because he might need to start calling out almost the entire community,” to which ZachXBT replied, “I’ll admit it feels pointless a lot of the time and just not worth it (either people do not listen or forget).”

In the couple of days leading to the temporary take down of his X profile, other X users had also accused him of “losing the plot” and being the “fun police” for going after memecoins. He had recently called GARBAGE and OMNI tokens pumps and dumps.

Zach Coins

Ironically, after ZachXBT warned he would be temporarily retiring from X, a number of meme coins linked to his persona popped up on Solana. Some, such as “zachwitfoutacc,” registered a near 13,000% price surge in the hour after creation.

With his account reactivation short lived, Crypto Twitter will have to wait with bated breath for one of its most important blockchain detectives to return, and whether it will be calling out scams in the same way.

His post on Dec. 22 might shine some light, when he said he “would much rather assist victims of exploits/hacks, phishing, projects, etc bc it’s more rewarding when that leads to legal action or funds recovered.”