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Metis Joins Ethereum Layer 2 Race With $100M Ecosystem Fund

Metis is joining the fray, where Arbitrum and Optimism have so far ruled. The project is set to launch its mainnet the week of Nov. 15 and is also launching a $100M fund, which Metis describes as a “decentralized autonomous company” (DAC), called Genesi, to support projects which join its ecosystem. 

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How Lobster NFTs and a DAO Helped Give Crypto a Voice in Washington

NFT collectibles can rapidly create communities around a shared interest—or a cause. And the most pressing cause in cryptoland recently has been preparation for increased U.S. government regulation. That’s why one group took the millions of dollars it earned from NFT sales last month and gave it to a key crypto industry voice in Washington, D.C.

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Worldcoin Is Older Than Ethereum —Just Not the Eyeball-Scanning One

Two years before Ethereum had even been released, Worldcoin had already weathered a double-spend attack and released Worldcoin v3 — Flirtatious Ant, to rectify the situation. The DAO hack on Vitalik’s blockchain was still three years out and this payments-oriented blockchain was already negotiating a blockchain-wide crisis. And yet today no one is talking about Worldcoin.

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