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From AWS to Aave & Lens Protocol: Nader Dabit Explains Web 3 Social Media and Gasless Transactions

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By: Tegan Kline

Today we are joined by the all around dev phenomenon Nader Dabit. Nader has become a household name across the developer community with his combination of to the point tutorials, live coding demos and interviews focused on modern web development, Web 3, AI, cloud computing and more. He’s always learning and experimenting in public. Nader is currently the Director of Dev Relations at Aave/Lens. Today, he’ll get to do some details behind his journey into Web 3 starting with The Graph, decentralized social media, the devs building on the Lens Protocol, Lens infrastructure and he’ll give us a mini deep dive into gasless transactions via Lens. But first, Nader tells us about what it was like being early to AWS before he made his switch into Web 3 full time.