DeFI 101

future of defi

The Future of DeFi

The biggest question in DeFi is always: What’s next? And that’s what’s so magnificent about this new world of DeFi: nobody knows, but whatever it is, it’s coming fast and furious. Back up a moment to appreciate DeFi in 2020–the landmark year of Ethereum to date. You can ponder regrets having not bought ETH for …

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gas- defi 101

What is Gas and How to Save on Fees?

“Gas” is the ETH required to power every transaction on Ethereum. Gas is a term that was coined to describe the ETH (ether) required to transact on the Ethereum network. More specifically, every transaction that occurs on the Ethereum network requires a set amount of gas, which is the unit used to measure the computational …

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Top 10 DeFi Resources

There are countless resources that can provide crucial information and education to help you along in your DeFi journey. These (in no particular order or ranking) are our Top 10 DeFi Resources: The Defiant. No surprise here. Subscribe to The Defiant YouTube channel, newsletter and podcast, covering the most interesting, most extraordinary, and sometimes, most …

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Risks of DeFi

You can lose 100% of your money in any DeFi app or protocol. So above all else, apply a simple rule of thumb to help mitigate this risk: don’t deposit more than you’re willing to lose. Here’s a rundown of the 7 most common risks (or 7 most deadly DeFi sins) that everyone should consider …

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DeFi Insurance and how Nexus Mutual Works

As more apps and protocols launch, and more money pours into DeFi, it’s important that DeFi investors can mitigate the risk of losing their funds. With great power, comes great responsibility. Insurance protects us from the unexpected, and in DeFi, there’s nothing more expected than the unexpected. While DeFi is exploding in growth, it also …

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