🦄 The Story of Ethereum to Become a Movie and NFT Collection

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today, News The Story of Ethereum to Become a Movie and NFT Collection Rising Fees on Avalanche Trigger Scramble for Solutions ConstitutionDAO Irks Donors as Gas Fees and Transaction Costs Eat Into Refunds Po...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today,



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Ethereum Cinema

🦄 The Story of Ethereum to Become a Movie and NFT Collection

NEWS “The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto Hackers is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum,” the hit book by Camila Russo detailing the history of Ethereum, is about to be made into a movie with its own NFT-driven community.

NFTs “The Infinite Machine” has become the go-to reference for anyone wanting to understand the history of Ethereum, selling out at least twice on Amazon. The Infinite Machine movie aims to be the first mainstream feature-length film about crypto, leveraging Ethereum technology and NFTs to fund its production and turn its audience into a community.

SUBSCRIBERS The sale of the collection will take place on the Ethereum network in the following weeks. Those who participated in Russo’s proof-of-pre-order campaign for the book and subscribers of The Defiant will be eligible for special perks in the sale. Join the project’s Discord and follow it on Twitter for the latest updates.

PRODUCTION The movie will be produced by Alejandro Miranda of Versus Entertainment, a Spanish audiovisual production and distribution company, and a US-based production company to be announced. Camila Russo, the book’s author and founder of DeFi content platform The Defiant, and Francisco Gordillo, co-founder of crypto hedge fund Avenue Investment, are executive producers.


Gas Fees

📈 Rising Fees on Avalanche Trigger Scramble for Solutions

CREEPING UP Transaction fees are a touchy subject in crypto. First there was Ethereum, with simple trades on Uniswap going for over $100, as of Nov. 23, according to Etherscan. Now, in the wake of a weekend Twitter war in which transaction fees played a central role, users are reporting on the social network that fees on Avalanche, another Layer 1, are creeping up as well.

SCREENSHOT “Avalanche transaction fees for swaps up to $20 tonight,” tweeted Eric Conner, co-founder of EthHub, the Ethereum information resource. Conner’s screenshot shows a transaction interacting with the router contract of Trader Joe, the decentralized exchange (DEX) on Avalanche.

FEES Fees for the contract have declined since then — they’re hovering in the $1.50 range as of Nov. 23, though swaps with transaction fees as high as $5 have occasionally appeared throughout the day.



😠 ConstitutionDAO Irks Donors as Gas Fees and Transaction Costs Eat Into Refunds

REFUNDING FUNDS ConsitutionDAO, the group that fell short in its bid to purchase the first edition copy of the U.S. Constitution, has announced that it will dissolve and return all funds to contributors. Now comes the thornier issue of refunding funds minus Ethereum gas fees.

HISTORIC DOCUMENT Following days of deliberating its next move, ConstitutionDAO announced it will shut down on Nov. 23 one day after its refund portal went live. The DAO broke fundraising records and attracted mainstream media attention in its quest to buy the sole remaining privately owned copy of the historic document.

IMPOSSIBLE TIMELINE “This project was a landmark event,” ConstitutionDAO posted to Twitter. We made history and showed the entire world that a group of internet friends can use the power of web3 to face a seemingly insurmountable goal and achieve incredible results on an impossible timeline.”


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The Tube

📺 Tutorial: Say ADIOS to Impermanent Loss with Bancor V2


🔗 Senate Banking Panel Head Seeks Added Information About Stablecoins From Issuers, Exchanges: CoinDesk

The head of the powerful U.S. Senate banking committee sent letters on Tuesday to stablecoin issuers and exchanges seeking information on how companies are protecting consumers and investors amid the risks highlighted in the recent report by the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.

🔗 How will decentralized hosting change the future of social media?: Forkast

There’s a joke on crypto Twitter along the lines of “GM to everyone except those that dumped crypto,” with GM standing for “Good Morning” — a tongue-in-cheek comment poking fun of those who left the game too soon.

🔗 Ronin Chain (by Axie Infinity) Integrates with Covalent: Covalent

We’re excited to announce that the Ronin Chain has integrated with Covalent, allowing developers way more velocity to access best-in-class data to build dApps.

🔗 Tolkien Estate Blocks ‘JRR Token’ Cryptocurrency: The Guardian

The Road might go “ever on and on” for Bilbo Baggins, but it has come to a sharp end for the developer of a cryptocurrency called JRR Token, after the estate of JRR Tolkien took legal action to block it.

🔗 Case Study: Harvesting Volatility with a 50/50 Balancer Pool: Medium

Balancer Protocol’s flexibility presents the opportunity for liquidity providers to generate substantial swap fee revenue using uncorrelated, highly volatile assets.

🔗 Ripple CEO blasts Dogecoin for ‘inflationary dynamics’: CoinTelegraph

The CEO of Ripple, the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, is not a fan of the meme-based digital currency Dogecoin (DOGE).


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