🛹 Teens Are Taking Over Finance and You're Not Ready For It

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today, News Team Behind Hummingbot Gives Away Its Code Via Foundation Lisbon Surfaced The Evolution of DAOs, Solarpunks vs. Lunarpunks and Web3 Social Media Video Teens Are Taking Over Finance and You're Not ...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today,





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Re-imagining Open-Source

📉 Team Behind Hummingbot Gives Away Its Code Via Foundation

OPEN SOURCE Sometimes a company can give away their technology and still turn a strong profit.

AUTOMATED MARKET MAKER CoinAlpha is a company that runs on software it created called Hummingbot, a software client that automates market making. It has already made Hummingbot open source, but today it’s taking that one step further: turning the software over to a foundation to manage its ongoing development. CoinAlpha is even giving it a revenue stream to make it sustainable from day one.

“What we’re trying to prove is: Hummingbot is sustainable on its own,” Michael Feng, CEO of CoinAlpha told The Defiant in an interview. “Because it’s open source, it’s a true foundation, we think we’ll see even more contributions from our community than we have so far.”

COMMUNITY SUPPORT Several well known projects are supporting the effort. Avalanche, Terra, Polygon, Harmony, and Kava have committed to fund contributions to Hummingbot as it evolves. Harmony committed $2M to fund a Liquidity DAO.


Tales from Lisbon

🏛 Lisbon Surfaced The Evolution of DAOs, Solarpunks vs. Lunarpunks and Web3 Social Media

Defiant contributor David Liebowitz summarized the main themes and narratives seen in Lisbon for a week of Ethereum conferences and meetups.

LISBON EVENT As people from all over the world gathered in Lisbon, “gm’s” turned to “bd’s” and the metaverse met in meatspace for a week of events and fanfare kicking off with LISCON.

ETHEREUM COMMUNITY Whether it was in the compact hilly cobblestones that lined the city streets or the rooftops overlooking the Pombaline skyline, there was a certain electricity in the air. Leaders from all over the Ethereum community and beyond came together to bring attention to developments happening with DAOs, DeFi and NFTs, and most importantly, communicate the narratives and memes shaping the direction of the space as a whole.

THEMES The main themes of the conference included initiatives to build native Web3 social media, the evolution of DAOs where communities can create new governance models beyond coin voting, and privacy-preserving dapps, in a movement that’s becoming to be known as DarkFi.


Crypto Kids

🦍 Teens Are Taking Over Finance and You're Not Ready For It

Whether you like it or not, Teenagers are here and they’re starting to make their presence felt.

Robin Schmidt explores the youthful tales of teen-Tik-Tokers, aspiring NFT artists, and underage criminals.

DeFi 101

🦍 How to WIN at DeFi in 13 EASY STEPS (COMPLETE GUIDE!!!)

In this primer, Robin Schmidt offers some handy tips on how to navigate the DeFi ever-changing sector.


🔗 Mastercard says any bank or merchant on its vast network can soon offer crypto services: CNBC

Mastercard is preparing to announce that any of the thousands of banks and millions of merchants on its payments network can soon integrate crypto into their products .

🔗 BlockFi partners with Neuberger Berman to launch crypto ETFs: Cointelegraph

Crypto lending firm BlockFi has formed a business with New York-based investment management company Neuberger Berman for the development and distribution of crypto products including exchange-traded funds.

🔗 Crypto Fund Inflows Hit Record $1.5B as Bitcoin Futures ETFs Go Live: CoinDesk

Investors pumped a record $1.47 billion of new money into digital asset investment products last week, fueled by a rally in cryptocurrencies and the launch of the first bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund.

🔗 Tesla hints it may soon resume support for crypto payments: Cointelegraph

In a September quarterly filing with the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission, the firm stated it “may in the future restart the practice of transacting in cryptocurrencies.”

🔗 Nigeria becomes first African nation to roll out digital currency: Al Jazeera

“The adoption of the central bank digital currency and its underlying technology, called blockchain, can increase Nigeria’s gross domestic product by $29 billion over the next 10 years,” said Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari.

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