🌻 Sunflower Game Throws Wrench in Polygon’s Gears

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today: News Sunflower Game Throws Wrench in Polygon’s Gears TradFi Billionaires Bet Livepeer’s DeFi Streaming Model Can Disrupt YouTube BitGo Makes Deal with Index Coop in Bet Institutions Want ‘Thematic’ DeFi ...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today:




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DeFi Games

🌻 Sunflower Game Throws Wrench in Polygon’s Gears

A GAME Fees on Ethereum scaling solution Polygon are surging to record highs. The cause? A game. Polygon gas prices spiked to an all-time high of a 410 Gwei average. That’s nearly twice as much as the previous high of 226 posted on Dec. 4, according to Polygon’s block explorer.

FRACTIONS One Gwei is equal to one billionth of a MATIC token, native to Polygon, and transactions require many units of gas (denominated in Gwei), with more needed for more complex transactions. So while 410 Gwei is still fractions of a cent, with transactions costing many units of gas, those increases in price add up.

SURGE The game driving the surge is called Sunflower Farmer and people like Stephen Bentyn, who works on a Polygon-based app called Sapiency, are quipping on Twitter that “Sunflowers broke Polygon.”




📹 TradFi Billionaires Bet Livepeer’s DeFi Streaming Model Can Disrupt YouTube

$20M In the latest sign Wall Street billionaires are moving deeper into DeFi, Livepeer, an Ethereum-based video streaming network, has raised $20M in a funding round including Tiger Global, the technology investment firm led by one-time hedge fund manager Chase Coleman, and Alan Howard, the co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management.

NICHES Livepeer will use the new funds to expand its live-streaming infrastructure to target eSports, social content, and live shopping, among other niches. Coinbase Ventures and other investors also joined the round. The startup has raised a total of $48M. Tiger Global and Howard, who invested in BitDAO last year, are betting that Livepeer has the potential to disrupt YouTube, Twitch, and other social media streaming giants.

FEES Livepeer’s decentralized model is designed to harness the computational power of holders of its token, LPT. They enable the network to transcode, host, and stream videos. Bandwidth providers earn fees in the form of ETH or stablecoins. Fees are also divided among delegators that stake LPT toward specific providers. LPT is up 244% in the last 12 months, according to CoinGecko.


Index Investing

🤝 BitGo Makes Deal with Index Coop in Bet Institutions Want ‘Thematic’ DeFi Tokens

NEWS BitGo, a crypto platform that caters to institutional investors, has launched support for Index Coop’s “thematic” tokens. The move signals growing demand from institutions for products that allow them to speculate on nascent segments breaking through in the DeFi and Web3 sectors, including Metaverse and data economy projects. Index’s thematic tokens offer diversified exposure targeting emerging niches in crypto.

INTEGRATION The integration will allow BitGo’s institutional clients, including venture capital firms Pantera and Base58, and crypto exchange Bitstamp, to access Index Coop’s Metaverse Index (MVI), Data Economy Index (DATA), and Bankless BED Index (BED) tokens.

INDICES “These crypto index funds will provide BitGo’s institutional clients with simple, one-token access to emerging crypto themes,” said Index Coop. Index Coop describes itself as “a collective aimed at creating and maintaining the best crypto indices on the market.” In addition to its thematic index tokens, the group also offers leveraged tokens that track ETH and BTC.


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Better trades on Ethereum with Eden Network.

In 2021, Ethereum traders lost over $200 million dollars to malicious bots exploiting their trades. As DeFi continues to gain popularity, this number is expected to rise.

Eden Network is a next generation private transaction service for Ethereum, providing traders with MEV protection by submitting transactions directly to miners and away from the prying eyes of harmful bots. Using Eden Network for Ethereum transactions results in better and safer trades.

While MEV protection does not require any stake, traders who stake $EDEN and use the Eden RPC on MetaMask, receive transaction block priority n and now with the release of staker extractable value (SEV), they are paid for every trade they make on Ethereum.

Eden Network recently launched Eden Rocket RPC, which compiles some of Ethereum’s fastest private transaction networks, resulting in 90%+ effective hashrate. This makes Eden Rocket RPC the the fastest private transaction network available.

Launched on August 5th with EIP-1559, Eden Network successfully closed a $17.4 million dollar seed round led by Multicoin Capital with participation from Alameda Research, Jump Capital, Wintermute, GSR and DeFiance Capital. Genesis Capital executive Joshua Lim and Andre Cronje of Yearn.finance also participated as angel investors.

Join the best - get started with Eden Network today and trade safer.

The Tube

📺 First Look: Terra Money + THORChain + Olympus Pro = Vader Protocol


🔗 Congress is preparing an oversight hearing on Bitcoin mining's environmental impact: sources: The Block

A Congressional subcommittee is preparing a hearing to examine the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin mining, three sources with knowledge of the matter have told The Block.

🔗 Multidimensional EIP 1559: Ethresearch

Many resources in the EVM have the property that they have very different limits for burst capacity (how much capacity we could handle for one or a few blocks) and sustained capacity (how much capacity we would be comfortable having for a long time).

🔗 Will This DAO Succeed in Revamping Blockbuster for Web 3.0?: CoinDesk

Following ConstitutionDAO, BlockbusterDAO also aims to buy a piece of history — the Blockbuster brand.

🔗 Bitcoin Falls to 1-Month Low as Fed Minutes Reveal Talks to Shrink Balance Sheet: CoinDesk

Bitcoin tumbled to its lowest price in a month as minutes from the Federal Reserve’s last meeting in December showed officials discussed whether to start shrinking the U.S. central bank’s swollen $8.3 trillion balance sheet.


Arbitrum Daily @ArbitrumDailyTK🥳Wow! @UmamiFinance now partners with @OlympusDAO on @arbitrum!🔥 🤔What will it bring? - Support trading & new use-cases across the #Arbitrum network🥂 - Launch an offering for gOHM-ETH LP bonds🤑 - Build $2 million gOHM/UMAMI LP on @SushiSwap🚀 🔎umamifinance.medium.com/umami-finance-…


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CryptoSlate @CryptoSlateVisa onboards first @solana project to its #Fintech Fast Track program (via @andjelaradmilac) @Zebec_HQ @cryptocom @stripe @Chime @terryangelos @Visa cryptoslate.com/visa-onboards-…


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