🗳 Lido Voters Reject Limiting Growth In Key Move For Eth2

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today: News Lido Voters Reject Limiting Growth In Key Move For Eth2 Solana Labs Has About 10 People Working on Its Saga Mobile Phone Ethereum Developers Were All About NFTs at ETHNewYork DEX Lets Customers Mak...


Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today:



DeFi Dustups



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DeFi Governance

🗳 Lido Voters Reject Limiting Growth In Key Move For Eth2

By Aleksandar Gilbert


NEWS After four days of voting, Lido, the largest liquid staking protocol on the Ethereum network, appears poised to reject calls to limit its own growth.

GROWTH Less than one half of one percent of the votes cast were in favor of Lido limiting its stake on Ethereum. Of the participants, those holding more than 99% of Lido’s governance tokens, LDO, voted for the protocol to not hold back on its growth.

PROPOSAL The governance proposal, titled “Should Lido consider self-limiting?” was authored by Vasiliy Shapovalov, CTP at P2P, a non-custodial staking service for professional investors.

STAKE FLOW Posted on the protocol’s portal on June 24, a successful vote would have bound the protocol to “decreasing inbound stake flow in any shape, form or severity,” with the specifics to be determined in a second round of voting.


Crypto Exchanges

🐋 CoinFLEX Sets $47M Token Sale to Save Itself From Sinking Whale

By Samuel Haig


LIQUIDATE When a whale went went sideways on a massive position in CoinFLEX, the centralized crypto exchange should have been able to automatically liquidate the investor’s holdings and protect the platform from further damage.

NON-RECOURSE But it couldn’t because of a novel feature — the whale has a “non-liquidation recourse account.” Translation: The exchange agreed not to close out the whale in return for “stringent personal guarantees.” So now CoinFLEX, a centralized crypto exchange with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.1B, is taking a radical step to offset the massive exposure — it’s rolling out a new token.

NEGATIVE EQUITY CoinFLEX will issue the “Recovery Value USD” (rvUSD) token in a bid to offset the losses from the investor whose account fell into negative equity, according to a white paper released on June 27.


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Three Arrows

😡 Creditor Says Three Arrows Defaults on $700M Loan

By Aleksandar Gilbert


NEWS Three Arrows Capital, the troubled $10B crypto hedge fund, has defaulted on a nearly $700M loan from Canadian crypto exchange Voyager Digital, the latter announced Monday.

$350M In an extraordinary statement last week, Voyager said Three Arrows owed it 15,250 Bitcoins and $350M in the USDC stablecoin and gave the hedge fund until June 27 to repay the loan. Bitcoin was trading at $20,783 midday New York time Monday.

DEFAULT Voyager issued a notice of default Monday, and said it intends to pursue recovery and is discussing its options with lawyers. Three Arrows did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.


Mobile Web3

🤳🏽 Solana Labs Has About 10 People Working on Its Saga Mobile Phone

Solana said last week it plans to unveil a mobile phone

By Owen Fernau


TEAM Solana Labs is dedicating a large part of its team to building its mobile effort, according to an exclusive interview with the company’s head of communications.

10 PEOPLE Solana Labs has “about” 10 people working on its Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) initiative, according to Austin Federa. The company, which develops the Solana blockchain, had 71 full-time employees as of April, Fortune reported.

SAGA The head of communications declined to make public the capital expenditure earmarked for SMS. Solana said last week it plans to unveil a mobile phone called Saga, with unique hardware and software, which would make it easier for users to access web3. “It’s time for crypto to go mobile,” the company posted on its website. Most web3 applications are currently accessed via desktop.



🖼 Ethereum Developers Were All About NFTs at ETHNewYork

The top five finalists for ETHNewYork were all NFT-focused projects.

By Jason Levin


NFTs Ethereum developers are all about NFTs now, at least if the latest ETHNewYork is a good indication.

FOCUS Ethereum developer platform ETHGlobal hosted its first Ethereum hackathon in New York City since May 2019, this past weekend. The focus leaned heavily on non-fungible tokens, as opposed to decentralized finance in the previous event.

BUILDERS Some of Ethereum’s most successful dapps and projects – 1inch, Instadapp, CryptoKitties– have come from hackathons like the ones organized by ETHGlobal. These events have become good breeding grounds for builders and investors.

CONTEST More than 1,500 hackers participated in the contest to build the best Ethereum-based dapp over the weekend at the Altman Building in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. Over $500,000 in prizes were awarded to ten winning teams.


NFT Controversy

⚔️ Yuga Fires Back at #BURNBAYC Creator

By Jason Levin


NOT TRUE Over the last week, #BURNBAYC has been trending on Twitter after a rumor flew around that the design for the Bored Ape Yacht Club is based on Nazi symbolism. The BAYC team adamantly states this is not true.

RUMORS The source of these rumors is Ryder Ripps, a conceptual artist and Bored Ape Holder. In January, he released a document online called “Bored Ape Yacht Club is Racist and Contains Nazi Dog Whistles.”

DISINFORMATION He then sold his own ersatz versions of Bored Apes called RR/BAYC and walked away with at least 300 ETH, according to Etherscan. Wylie Aronow, cofounder of BAYC, stated that BAYC is not based on Nazi imagery. “As you may have heard, we’ve become the target of a crazy disinformation campaign accusing us — a group of Jewish, Turkish, Pakistani and Cuban friends — of being super-secret Nazis,” he tweeted under his Twitter handle, GordonGoner.eth.


DeFi Identity

💵 DEX Lets Customers Make $100,000 Transfers with No Identity Check

By Samuel Haig


TRANSFERS Big money transfers? With no know-your-customer requirements? In the TradFi world that would be impossible. In DeFi, it’s part of the anonymous ethos. Now a new deal is testing the expectations of both sides of finance.

VERIFICATION On June 27, THORWallet DEX, a self-managed wallet supporting cross-chain trades across multiple blockchains, started permitting customers to make $100,000 worth of annual transfers without requiring additional identity verification.

KYC THORWallet DEX joined forces with Mt Pelerin, a Swiss fintech firm specializing in digital assets. The partnership allows users in 172 countries to transfer up to 100,000 Swiss francs ($CHF) to and from the platform per year without undergoing know-your-customer (KYC) verification.


DeFi Dustups

👉🏼 Nexo Demands Anonymous Twitter Account Stop Maligning Firm

By Jason Levin


In a dustup that demonstrates the rising tension in crypto, Nexo, a lending platform, demanded Monday that an anonymous Twitter account stop disparaging the firm in an incendiary thread.

“You are currently engaged in malicious spreading of inaccurate, fake and unfounded information,” Nexo wrote in a letter posted online. Nexo said the Twitter account was damaging its reputation.

Nexo demanded that the accountholder, who goes by the handle otteroooo, “cease and desist” from making more comments and delete communications about the company on social media.



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Bored Ape Yacht Club @BoredApeYCWe’re still floating from the energy of ApeFest ‘22. Thank you to everyone - our community, the staff, vendors, performers and our sponsor @0xPolygon - for making this year’s event so memorable. Scroll the 🧵for some of our favorite moments and photos from last week: 9:00 PM ∙ Jun 27, 20222,030Likes572Retweets

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