🧑🏼‍🚒 Jump Crypto Replaces Over $320M of Wormhole Wrapped ETH in DeFi Bailout

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today: News Jump Crypto Replaces Over $320M of Wormhole Wrapped ETH in DeFi Bailout Mainstream Embrace of NFTs Tightens With Olympics, GameStop, Cameo Offerings Research DeFi 2.0 Primer: Decentralized Finance ...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today:




🎙Listen to the interview with Avalanche’s Emin Gun Sirer here:




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DeFi Exploits

🧑🏼‍🚒 Jump Crypto Replaces Over $320M of Wormhole Wrapped ETH in DeFi Bailout

HACKER It’s almost like it never happened. Wormhole, a bridge which facilitates asset transfers across seven different blockchain, got hacked on Feb. 2 to the tune of over $320M as a hacker minted 120,000 worth of a version of wrapped Ethereum on Solana. One day later, the funds are back.

RESCUE Jump Crypto, the crypto arm of trading firm Jump Trading which launched last year, has come to the rescue, replacing the 120,000 worth of ETH. This means wETH, Wormhole’s token representing ETH that was bridged from the Ethereum mainnet, is backed by actual ETH. Jump Crypto decided to step in because it “believes in a multichain future,” the trading firm said in a tweet.

GRATEFUL “All funds have been restored and Wormhole is back up,” the token bridge added on Twitter. “We’re deeply grateful for your support and thank you for your patience.”


NFTs Roundup

🤗 Mainstream Embrace of NFTs Tightens With Olympics, GameStop, Cameo Offerings

FORAYS Big brands are clamoring to ride the NFT bandwagon. On Feb. 3, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Cameo, and GameStop all dropped significant news about their respective forays into NFTs.

MEME-STOCK The IOC has launched its Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic-themed mobile game featuring collectible tokenized pins after months of development. GameStop, a video game retailer and meme-stock, revealed it has teamed up with Immutable X to build its forthcoming NFT marketplace.

ACCESS Cameo, the personalized video maker, also announced its upcoming Cameo Pass NFT drop, which will allow holders to access its “metaverse compound” in addition to exclusive merch and opportunities to attend live events. GameStop, the previously surging memestock and embattled video game retailer, revealed it is working with Immutable X, an NFT-focused Ethereum L2, to launch its highly anticipated NFT marketplace later this year.


DeFi 101

🌱 DeFi 2.0 Primer: Decentralized Finance is Poised to Expand its Reach But Challenges Loom

In this special DeFi 101 report, Mason Marcabello explains DeFi 2.0 and how it’s designed to make decentralized finance more accessible to newcomers.

FLAWS Compared to the walled gardens of traditional finance the benefits of DeFi offer a more ubiquitous range of financial tools for consumers. But with that said, the very nascency of its ecosystem has led to a plethora of flaws, like impermanent loss and shortcomings with liquidity mining that require many users to compromise on risk.

This is where DeFi 2.0 comes in.

What Is It:

In essence, and as with any iteration of technology (not just blockchain), DeFi 2.0 is a movement focused on improving on the shortcomings of its forebears. While a more detailed insight will be covered in the following DeFi 101 article, key differences between DeFi 1.0 and DeFi 2.0 have centered on liquidity, scalability, security, and centralization.

Why Does It Matter:

At the risk of generalising, one shared aspect of any successful business or service (regardless of industry) is that it helps create (or reinforce) a path of least resistance for end-users.

For example, Amazon helps its customers save time by automating the delivery of its products. Uber and Airbnb help streamline and save time on the cost and effort of transportation, accommodation, etc.



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The Tube

📺 Real Vision vs. The Defiant: Camila Russo responds to Dan Olson


🔗 Bored Ape Yacht Club Creators in Funding Talks With Andreessen Horowitz: Report: CoinDesk

Yuga Labs, the startup behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, is in talks with venture capital heavyweight Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) over a funding round that would give it a valuation as high as $5 billion, the Financial Times reported Thursday.

🔗 Meta plunges and sets off Wall Street’s worst drop in nearly a year: The New York Times

Stocks on Wall Street tumbled on Thursday, with Meta, the parent company of Facebook, leading the way with a drop of 26.4 percent, its worst one-day loss ever and one that erased more than $230 billion off its market value.

🔗 An Artist Placed a Cube Made From $11.7 Million Worth of Gold in Central Park—Protected By Its Own Security Detail: Artnet

This morning, joggers in New York’s Central Park may have come across a curious, rather illustrious sight.

🔗 The next big trend in NFTs: Bankless

In 2021, it felt like the world became saturated with art NFTs. Creators realized they could connect directly to their most avid fans instead of relying on intermediaries that extracted massive amounts of value from their hard work.


Axie Infinity🦇🔊 @AxieInfinitySeason 20 is close and when it’s released, a variety of important economic balancing changes will be implemented. Full details 👇 axie.substack.com/p/upcoming-sea…


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Beethoven x @beethoven_xWe are super stoked to announce that we are joining @balancer Labs’ Bug Bounty Program. We are excited to play a part in the development of a safer infrastructure for all users in the DeFi ecosystem. How does that music sound?


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