💥Ethereum Targets L2 Scalability As Dencun Goes Live


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Ethereum’s highly-anticipated Dencun upgrade is now live, paving the way for massive scalability gains on Layer 2. Many leading L2 teams estimate transaction costs on Layer 2s will drop by more than 80% following the upgrade.

In other news, MakerDAO is readying to quickly roll out its Endgame roadmap, Grayscale filed for a new Bitcoin ETF, and Thorchain’s trade volume has rocketed to new highs.

Plus, PropyKeys, a new tokenized real estate protocol, completed its mainnet launch on Base.

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  • Ethereum launches Dencun upgrade
  • MakerDAO readies for Endgame overhaul
  • Grayscale files for GBTC-backed ETF
  • Thorchain hosts $2B in weekly trades
  • PropyKeys brings tokenized real estate


📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$71,109-1.42 %
Ethereum$3,947 -3.04 %
Gold 1st Future$2,160 -1.01 %
S&P 5005175.27 1.12 %
Arch Web33.28 -1.83 %
Learn more about Arch Indices ,[object Object]%


Check out our video exploring the booming memecoins markets on Solana. Also watch our podcast with Evan Cheng, the former Apple Engineer who co-founded Mysten Labs, the team behind Sui Network, to learn about the Layer 1 blockchain’s roadmap and ambitions.

Ethereum Activates Dencun Upgrade, Ushering New Era For Layer 2 Scalability


Transaction fees are set to plummet on Layer 2s following the launch of Ethereum’s long-awaited Dencun upgrade. Leading L2 teams estimate the upgrade will usher cost-reductions of more than 80% through increased data availability.

🎮 MakerDAO To Commence Endgame Overhaul This Summer

Rune Christensen, the co-founder of MakerDAO, wants to accelerate Maker’s adoption of its Endgame roadmap starting this Summer. The overhaul includes launching a new governance token and stablecoin, specialized subDAO, token farming, and a bespoke Layer 1 network in the near future.

📜 Grayscale Files Application For Mini Bitcoin ETF

Grayscale, the major crypto asset manager, has filed to launch a Mini Bitcoin ETF backed by shares in its GBTC spot Bitcoin ETF. The plan comes as the GBTC fund has suffered billions in outflows since converting to spot ETF in January.



Evolving DeFi by reinventing corporate finance for DAOs.

DeFi's promise to become the world’s economic infrastructure relies on its ability to professionalize its governance layer, optimizing resource allocation and fostering a resilient and innovative ecosystem.

A leader in active DAO treasury management and on-chain, non-custodial asset management, Karpatkey seeks to bridge the gap between DeFi and traditional finance. By integrating traditional finance practices into the DAO framework, we’re pushing for the sector's growth and the efficient allocation of its capital resources, preparing it to finally start onboarding traditional finance at scale.

READ MORE: Corporate—>DAO Finance

🚀 Thorchain Thunders Back As Trading Volumes Hit All-Time Highs

Thorchain is staging a meteoric recovery, with weekly volume pushing above $2 billion for the first time. The surging activity coincides with the RUNE token rallying 70% and the protocol’s TVL retesting its April 2022 all-time high.

🏠 Tokenized Real Estate Project PropyKeys Announces Public Launch

The PropyKeys tokenized real estate protocol completed its public launch on Base. Users can now farm PRO tokens by minting and storing title deeds and property addresses on-chain.


  • Coinbase looks to raise $1 billion via bond offering amid bullish market trend (CryptoSlate)
  • BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF crosses $15 billion in AUM amid record inflow and volume (The Block)
  • Toncoin Rises 61% in Two Days as Telegram Eyes Potential IPO (CoinDesk)


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