How The World's First Web3 Company Consensys Is Catalyzing Ethereum’s Growth

The Defiant


Neal Gorevic is the Chief Marketing Officer at ConsenSys, which drives Ethereum ecosystem development. ConsenSys is behind key pieces of Ethereum infrastructure, including Metamask and Infura. In today's podcast, Neal discusses his transition from web2 marketing at Spotify, to web3 marketing. He goes into why ConsenSys is rebranding and he provides insights into the strategic vision for the company. But first, we begin our conversation with an introduction on why Neal decided to make the jump to crypto.

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7 Key Takeaways

  1. Web 2 built businesses of scale and produced Internet adoption proactively, but the missing element has been the underlying business model, supplemented by advertising or subscriptions. In Web 3 the business model is built into the code.
  2. Consensys as a company predates the genesis block of Ethereum. It was incorporated before that. It can be considered the first Web 3 company that ever existed.
  3. The real power users of Web3 are the builders. Builders are creating the ecosystem and saw the opportunity to develop and produce new ways of interacting with software using blockchain technologies.
  4. According to the Global Survey, the core tenants of Web 3: privacy, self-sovereignty, and ownership are things that people are very interested in and are concerned about how the Internet operates today. But the core primitives of Web 3 and the use of blockchain were not as well known amongst the average audience around the world.
  5. According to the Global Survey, North America and Europe showed more concerns and pessimistic perceptions of crypto vs. Latin America, Africa, and Asia, showing optimism and increasing activity.
  6. The Builder video series shows how builders from all different walks of life, whether they're technologists, creators, or community organizers in different parts of the world, are using Web 3 to do things to build and improve their communities.
  7. Regarding the Regulatory situation for crypto, from a Communications and Marketing perspective, we can educate the policymakers about how the technology operates so that they can make better decisions.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:35 Background
  • 02:27 Web 2 vs Web 3
  • 05:24 The Consensys Brand
  • 08:44 The Builder
  • 15:55 Metamask, Infura, Linea, and The Consensys house of brands
  • 23:30 The Global Survey
  • 32:38 The Builder Stories and Web3 Beyond Defi
  • 47:20 US Regulatory Landscape
  • 49:54 Consensys Long-Term Vision


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