Umoja’s USDb, The First Bitcoin-Based Synthetic Dollar, Launches On Merlin Chain

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Umoja’s USDb, The First Bitcoin-Based Synthetic Dollar, Launches On Merlin Chain

Atlanta, GA, USA, April 16th, 2024, Chainwire

Umoja, a groundbreaking smart money protocol designed to help anyone build their wealth through digital asset investments, is partnering with the leading Bitcoin Layer-2 network Merlin Chain to launch USDb, the first Bitcoin-based, high-yield synthetic dollar.

USDb will leverage Merlin Chain’s extremely efficient, scalable and secure transaction layer to seize on the potential of Bitcoin DeFi and accelerate Umoja’s smart money-based financial renaissance.

As the first-ever principled protected high-yield synthetic dollar backed by tokenized trading strategies, USDb is unlike crypto stablecoin assets that are either backed by collateral or dependent on algorithmic mechanisms to maintain their U.S. dollar peg. Instead, USDb has established a fully self-sufficient peg based on transparent, on-chain trading strategies. It’s a first-of-its-kind asset leveraging Umoja’s novel DeFi trading strategies.

Umoja is crypto’s synthetic asset factory, able to create a synthesized version of any digital asset via tokenized trading strategies called “Synths” that produce better yield and ensure stronger protections than any other kind of crypto asset. Synths are specialized tokens that replicate the functions of traditional financial instruments and DeFi trading strategies. This is done by participating in derivatives trading on centralized exchanges, as well as operations on DeFi protocols.

Umoja is the solution to the long-standing “ROI paywall barrier” that prevents retail investors from employing the most successful trading strategies utilized by financial institutions, making wealth creation tools available to anyone.

As for Merlin Chain, it is building a native BTC Layer-2 platform that has wasted no time in tapping into the Bitcoin community’s enthusiasm for native, Bitcoin-based DeFi. Since launching, Merlin Chain’s magic has helped it to attract more than $3.6 billion in total value locked, demonstrating its capacity to scale rapid growth in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It enables secure, scalable and efficient transactions on Bitcoin, serving as a robust foundation for BTC-native projects.

The collaboration between Umoja and Merlin Chain represents a key milestone in the evolution of smart money protocols. By integrating Umoja’s Synths with Merlin Chain’s innovative Layer-2 infrastructure, the partners are enhancing the accessibility of highly sophisticated asset management tools and paving the way for a more inclusive financial future.

The USDb asset will play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. It’s based on a sophisticated mechanism that effectively pools Bitcoin assets to generate high yields while maintaining its U.S. dollar peg. In this way, USDb is uniquely designed to deliver stability and high returns, meaning users benefit from both price stability and an attractive passive income. It’s a groundbreaking dual advantage that has the potential to provide returns.

Umoja Founder Robby Greenfield said the choice of Merlin Chain as the foundation of USDb was a strategic decision, based on the two projects’ shared vision, its ability to attract significant TVL and a vibrant community of users eager to tap the true potential of Bitcoin.

“I chose Merlin not only for these reasons, but also because the most decentralized, accessible, lowest risk and highest-yielding money will become the most adopted – and such money can only be built on Bitcoin,” Greenfield said in a statement.

Umoja and Merlin Chain’s partnership will be the first-and-last-of-its-kind, one where Bitcoin’s foundational strength is combined with DeFi’s innovative potential to transform the future of money. Crypto enthusiasts, Bitcoin maximalists, degens and retail investors who want to participate in Umoja’s smart money-powered financial renaissance and kick-start the democratization of wealth creation can get started at

About Umoja

Umoja is the world's first smart money protocol, leveraging blockchain technology to empower anyone to create smart money. By integrating automated investment strategies into digital assets, Umoja enables tokens to self-trade, hedge against market volatility, and optimize yields, making money work smarter for everyone.

About Merlin Chain

Merlin Chain is a pioneering BTC layer 2 solution that leverages the strength of the Bitcoin ecosystem to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth. With a strong foundation in community-driven assets and a strategic approach to ecosystem expansion, Merlin Chain is committed to driving the future of Bitcoin-native innovation.


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