Didit Launching to Tackle the Internet’s Missing Layer of Digital Identity

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Didit Launching to Tackle the Internet’s Missing Layer of Digital Identity

Gamium’s Co-CEO twin brothers helping usher in a post-password internet that returns control to users

As the internet has become permanently intertwined with global commerce, the lack of a unified identity system creates a variety of unnecessary problems for both users and businesses. These include everything from inconveniences around managing multiple passwords all the way up to fraud and financial loss.

Twin brothers Alberto and Alejandro Rosas, co-CEOs and co-founders of the startup Gamium, believe there’s a better way. The blockchain experts and entrepreneurs are developing an identity layer for the internet with Didit, a revolutionary new identity and financial protocol. Didit empowers users to effortlessly authenticate, transfer data, and complete financial transactions within any application with a single click on their preferred digital wallet.

Didit enables any application to be Web3 compliant, facilitating the connection of the user’s digital identity to all applications. A user only has to connect their digital wallet to the application and perform a digital signature. That single digital signature is all it takes for a user to transfer their data and perform financial transactions on any application.


Didit enables businesses to identify their users with just one click, providing a level of certainty and security that was previously unattainable. This not only slashes the risk of fraud, but streamlines the onboarding process to save time and resources. Businesses face a variety of threats around fraud, friction, and the costs associated with eliminating both. At the same time, the typical internet user today has to juggle a vast assortment of passwords, or navigate complex onboarding processes. Didit enables users to seamlessly connect to partner applications and retain full control over data and financials, creating an easier and more enjoyable browsing experience.

Most currently available identity solutions are closed systems that require use of a specific digital wallet to create a user’s identity. This creates fragmentation and friction. The Rosas twins believe wallets should compete to provide the best experience for their users, and that users should choose the wallet that best fits their needs. The Didit protocol is wallet agnostic, meaning any user who can perform a valid digital signature can create its identity and participate in the network.

Didit and the Rosas twins are at the tip of the spear in transforming the digital identity space. The protocol provides a simple, interoperable, and elegant solution that benefits both users and businesses. The protocol is revolutionizing how we think about digital identity and is paving the way for a more interconnected and secure digital world.

About Didit

Didit is the world’s first identity and financial protocol. It revolutionizes online interactions by enhancing security and streamlining user experience. It's like a digital passport that helps users navigate the internet more efficiently, allowing them to maintain a single identity across different
websites, apps, and real-world scenarios. Users’ Digital Identity, or "digital twin," contains their personal data, online behavior, preferences, and financial assets. With Didit, users can securely and privately share their identity, improving the online experience and streamlining interactions with various services. Designed for compatibility, Didit is easy to integrate with many platforms and applications, utilizing several APIs for seamless integration and execution of identity and financial operations.