Contentos Announces its Content AI Roadmap – Building a Decentralized Content Ecosystem Powered by AI

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Contentos Announces its Content AI Roadmap – Building a Decentralized Content Ecosystem Powered by AI

Singapore, Singapore, April 26th, 2023, Chainwire

During Consensus 2023, Contentos Foundation, a decentralized content ecosystem, announced a new content AI roadmap. Mick Tsai, the Co-Founder and CEO, revealed that COS.TV, a Web3 video platform on the Contentos ecosystem, will integrate multiple AI content production and recommendation tools. The aim is to improve the efficiency of content creation for creators and search for users, and to combat false content using AI content recognition technology.

The AI roadmap announced by Contentos includes the development of AI creation tools, interactive video search tools, advertising recommendation systems, and content recognition engines. It will also include the development of digital real estate based on a content metaverse developed by Contentos, COS.SPACE, and the launch of the third product on the Contentos mainnet ecosystem: an AI photo creation and sharing tool.

In line with this push towards AI integration, COS.TV is also currently holding an AI Film Festival, a global AI film creation competition, and registration will continue until May 5th, 2023. During the competition, Contentos Foundation plans to reward 1.5 million COS tokens to outstanding creators. This kind of creative competition with an AI theme are still uncommon, and popular creators like Sam Jarman showed interest by recommending the event in a short TikTok video.

Contentos is one of the earliest blockchain projects to promote the popularization of Web3 products to the public. The team has grown COS.TV into a blockchain based video platform that now serves over one million creators and content communities every month. COS.SPACE has also gained popularity recently, and it held an Exclusive Expo for TIENTHUATTOAN, a well-known KOL community in Vietnam, in mid-March. During Consensus 2023, COS.SPACE will offer Virtual Consensus, allowing COS.TV fans and users to join the Contentos team at their booth live in the Metaverse.

Mick said, “OpenAI’s ChatGPT clearly demonstrated to us the great potential of AI applications, and we believe the co-development of AI and blockchain technologies will enhance the relationship between creators and consumers while providing an improved user experience.”

Mick also emphasized that creators need a one-stop AI creation platform, while users require greater access to high-quality content that they are truly interested in. Mick’s vision echoes that of Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, who emphasized during the ETHDenver 2023 conference that developers in the blockchain space should strive to improve user experience. Mick hopes that the development of AI and blockchain technology will offer new opportunities and better experiences for users and help to popularize Web3 applications.

About Contentos Foundation

The vision of Contentos is to build a decentralized digital content community that allows content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded, and traded, while protecting author rights. Contentos strives to incentivize content creation and global diversity and return the rights and value of content to users. A decentralized video platform, COS.TV is built on top of the Contentos mainnet, which now serves over 1 million global users monthly around the world.

In 2022, Contentos released a roadmap to build a metaverse around content creation and consumption. Starting with COS.SPACE “virtual real estate”, Contentos’ metaverse will be a place where COS.TV users can create their virtual home experience.

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