Twitter Enables Ownership Verification of Profile Picture NFTs – For a Price

Twitter Enables Ownership Verification of NFTs.

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Twitter Enables Ownership Verification of Profile Picture NFTs – For a Price

Twitter Blue, the social network’s subscription service, finally has a feature that some users want: NFT verification.

Twitter first announced NFT verification along with a slew of other crypto integrations in Sept. 2021, but the new feature rolled out today, first announced in a story in the Wall Street Journal.

Users that pay $2.99 per month for the service and use Twitter on iOS (for now) will be able to verify ownership of an NFT in their crypto wallet and then display it on their profile as a verified NFT. Supported wallets initially are Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Metamask, Ledger Live, Argent and Trust Wallet.

“This is just still very early days for us, but we wanted to build something that was a utility for this community that they could start interacting with right now,” Twitter’s Esther Crawford told the WSJ.

Such avatars will be distinguishable on the app and web by their hexagonal shape.

Ready to show off your NFT? Follow these simple steps to connect your crypto wallet and let’s see your NFT PFPs!

— Twitter Blue (@TwitterBlue) January 20, 2022

Additionally, when users click on the NFT, it opens up a page that shows a lot of its metadata, including which collection the NFT is part of, any flavor text and its various attributes.

Profile picture NFTs or PFPs were one of the hottest categories of such tokens at the height of the boom, and many aficionados The Defiant spoke to in the space at the time of the announcement believed verification would drive a lot of excitement to these different brands. The ability to prove that the account actually owns the NFT improves its flexing potential, as various sources told us.

Twitter Blue has been live in the U.S. since Nov. 2021. It offers an undo tweet function, aesthetic app modifications and better organization for users bookmarks, among other features.