Top Ethereum Projects Launch Wallet-Level Solution to Billion-Dollar MEV Problem


MEV Blocker is an RPC endpoint that prevents frontrunning and sandwich attacks for all types of Ethereum transactions. The product also pays users for any backrunning opportunities they create.

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Top Ethereum Projects Launch Wallet-Level Solution to Billion-Dollar MEV Problem [Sponsored]

MEV, or “maximal extractable value” has cost Ethereum users more than $1.3 billion dollars in value over the last several years. Solutions have emerged that look to “democratize MEV” by helping validators re-order transactions in a block for maximum profit, but this comes at the expense of everyday Ethereum users who are ultimately losing money on their transactions.

MEV attacks affect all sorts of Ethereum transactions: DeFi traders get worse prices on their trades, NFT traders get front-run on NFT mints, liquidity providers get their profits skimmed, and much more.

In response to this growing problem, a roster of prominent names in the Ethereum community has come together to launch MEV Blocker: an RPC endpoint designed to safeguard Ethereum transactions from all types of MEV.

Full MEV protection and more

MEV Blocker works by routing all transactions through a network of searchers that protect users from frontrunning and sandwich attacks — the worst types of MEV. These searchers also bid for the right to backrun user transactions. When a searcher wins a bid, MEV Blocker sends 90% of the searcher’s bid back to the user and 10% to validators as a reward.

This means that MEV Blocker not only puts an end to frontrunning and sandwich attacks, but it also sends users rebates for any backrunning opportunities their transactions create — something almost everyone is missing out on today.

The RPC endpoint is also fully censorship resistant and does not block transactions from any wallet address.

Easy to install, free to use

Ethereum users can add MEV Blocker to any wallet that supports custom RPC endpoints.

Once a user adds the RPC endpoint to their wallet, they can use Ethereum dApps the way they normally would while enjoying automatic MEV protection (so long as MEV Blocker is selected as the network in their wallet settings).

Additionally, dApps that manage transaction submission on behalf of users can also integrate MEV Blocker at the application level to automatically protect their users.

For the community, by the community

The MEV Blocker RPC endpoint is jointly developed by CoW Protocol, Agnostic Relay, and Beaver Build.

Some of the most prominent names in the Ethereum community have signed on as launch partners for MEV Blocker. The list includes CoW Swap, Beaver Build, Agnostic Relayer, EigenPhi, Builder0x69, ZeroMEV, Balancer, Gelato, Gnosis DAO, bloXroute, 1inch, Safe, Paraswap, Karpatkey, Arrakis Finance, Oasis app, Giveth, Keystone Wallet, Shapeshift, Swapr, StakeDAO, Swarm, Gearbox, Aura, Castle Wallet, Notifi, Onramper, Liminal, VirtuSwap, BitKeep, DODO, Ambire Wallet and Cypherock.

More details about MEV Blocker – including setup instructions – can be found at: