Disney And Square-Backed Games Tap Immutable And Polygon For Ethereum Scaling

Immutable zkEVM announces flurry of GameFi titles ahead of mainnet launch

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Disney And Square-Backed Games Tap Immutable And Polygon For Ethereum Scaling

Immutable, a gaming-focussed Ethereum scaling team, said it is receiving a flurry of interest web3 games seeking to launch on its upcoming Polygon-powered Layer 2 rollup, Immutable zkEVM, ahead of its mainnet launch early next year.

Announced on Nov. 2, the three new titles include Sailwars, a multiplayer strategic war game backed by Disney China and Alibaba Cloud among 27 investors. At least a dozen game developers have now committed to building on Immutable zkEVM.

“We’re delighted to announce that these exciting new titles have already recognized the immense potential of [zero-knowledge] technology, choosing it to power the next phase of their development.” said Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable. “Based out of Australia and Asia, these visionary teams align perfectly with Immutable's strategic focus.”

Immutable’s IMX token is up 8.6% in the past 24 hours.

The news comes as GameFi tokens recently began staging a comeback.

In the past fortnight, IMX gained 30%, SAND rallied 31%, GALA gained 52%, and Axie Infinity’s AXS and SLP tokens added 36% and 92% to their value respectively, according to CoinGecko. For comparison, BTC and ETH are up 24% and 18% respectively over the same period.

Immutable zkEVM will also onboard GensoKishi Online, a metaverse-based reimagining of the popular Elemental Knights Online title — which won awards in Taiwan and garnered 8M downloads to-date.

GensoKishi recently began collaborating with Symbiogenesis, the NFT art project of major Japanese game developer, Square Enix.

Finally, Cursed Stone is a 3D open world web3 MMORPG offering players unique and upgradable NFTs they can equip on in-game characters. In-game NFTs can be freely traded between users, providing the recipient with all items and unlockables associated with the asset.

Immutable outlined its mainnet launch roadmap for its zkEVM network in a blog post last month, tipping a public deployment for the end of January.